Bingo Night

Bingo Night

As members of the CCSR, a group of four girls, Nevin Mustone, Ruby Andreasen, Rory McConnell, and Hayden Winter wanted to support their two friends at the Andrews w

ho suffer from Neurofibromatosis (NF). On Thursday, January 30th, the CCSR hosted a Bingo Night in the Andrews Middle School cafeteria to raise money and awareness for NF. Prizes for each Bingo round were donated by local businesses and Medford School Committee and City Council members. It was a huge success! Combined with sales from donated snacks, drinks, and pizza, the girls were able to raise $735 dollars! All of which will be donated to the Children’s Tumour Foundation. Additionally, another group of girls and members of CCSR, raffled off pet related toys and a fruit basket to raise money for the Northeast Animal Shelter. They were able to raise $230! We would like to thank the following businesses and members of the community who donated to this meaningful cause!

CB Scoops

Jim’s Market

Demets Donuts

Pisa Pizza – donated 2 gift cards and 20 discounted pizzas! Thank you! And paid for by school committee member, Mea Mustone. Thank you!

Rasos & Caseys in Somerville – both donated by City Councillor, Adam Knight. Thank you!

Whole Foods – secured by Jessica Sciullo. Thank you!



Magnificent Muffin

Mystic Coffee Roasters

Pizza Regina – donated by the Malerba family. Thank you!

Amazon – donated by School Committee member, Jenny Graham. Thank you!

Amazon – donated by City Councillor, Nicole Morell. Thank you!

Cold Stone – donated by City Council President, John Falco. Thank you!

$25 cash – donated by Secretary of the School Committee, Paulette Van der Kloot. Thank you for participating!


Thank you to Vice Chairperson of the School Committee, Paul Ruseau, for participating!


We would also like to give a special shoutout to Medford residents, Jennifer Price and her husband Andy who has NF. They frequently support the Children’s Tumour Foundation and we appreciate their presence and support for our own students, Deniro and Jonathon, who have NF. Thank you!!