CCSR Quarantine Challenges

CCSR Quarantine Challenges

CCSR Daily Challenges: This is an opportunity for us to connect as a community. We’ll have some fun and show empathy during this unusual time. Complete the challenge and post to Facebook tagging @Center for Citizenship and Social Responsibility, twitter tagging @MedfordCCSR or Instagram tagging @medfordccsr. Email submissions to giving Ms. Olsen and the CCSR permission to post.

Week 1

Here is Monday’s Challenge:


Tuesday’s challenge is to take a funny picture of your family.


Wednesday’s challenge is to thank a first responder for COVID 19-facetime, send a digital card, send them a care package- a nurse, doctor, firefighter, police officer. Share with the CCSR how you are thanking a first responder.

Here’s a card 6th grader Caroline from the McGlynn delivered to her neighbor!

CCSR student leaders expressing their thanks to those on the front lines of COVID-19 #SixFeetTogether


Thursday’s challenge is to clean up Earth- take advantage of the beautiful day and do some yard work, gardening, clean up trash etc.


Friday’s challenge is to exercise outside! Ride a bike, go for a walk, a run, rollerblade. All at a safe 6ft distance.

6th Grade McGlynn students Mia and Lila playing soccer outside today!


Week 2

Monday’s challenge is to clean your mailbox for your mailmen and women!


Tuesday’s challenge is to post messages of hope on your windows, doors etc! Use our hashtag #SixFeetTogether

McGlynn Middle School 6th Grade students Mia and Lila Armit have started painting rocks with the #6FeetTogether CCSR on them. They are putting them around town to spread positivity and the sense of community during this time.


Wednesday’s CCSR Challenge is to make art! Share your art by posting on CCSR’s post or tagging on social media!