Andrews Middle School Projects

View the Andrews Middle School Projects for the 2019-2020 school year

Animal Heroes

This group raised money to support animal shelters and their adorable animals. Our inspiration are the animals sitting, and waiting in kennels for a loving and caring home. These animals would love to have a life-long companion to keep them safe, and to love them with all of their hearts. We are spreading awareness of this cause, because we believe that we can make a difference in these animals’ lives. While spreading awareness and trying to find homes for them, we are also trying to support animal shelters with what their animals need. We are trying to get donations and supplies from local pet stores that want to support these animal shelters as well. We are hoping to have a fundraiser with dog treats and toys to raise money for the North East Animal Shelter.

Bingo Night for NF

This group organized a “Bingo Night” at the Andrews Middle School to raise money for Neurofibromatosis(NF). Prizes and gift cards donated by local businesses were provided to winners of each round. They are supporting their fellow friend at the Andrews who has NF and everyone else who suffers from the same diagnosis. They will be donating their funds to the Children’s Tumor Foundation. Let’s help find a cure together!

Bracelets for Breast Cancer

This group created their own Medford themed, breast cancer bracelets to raise awareness for this cause. They sold them for a dollar each at multiple events including middle school and high school basketball games to raise money for breast cancer research. Many people struggle to fight this disease and we organized this event to support them as we all know many people in our lives fighting everyday.

Buy a Bracelet, Save a Life

We raised money for Skyland Animal Sanctuary. We sold bracelets and buttons to raise the money. This money was specifically going to medical bills and special food for the animals that need it and of course other stuff. We wanted to do this project because animals are very important to us and we think their lives are worth saving. We also want to help them anyway we could,  and we knew that Skylands was a trustworthy animal sanctuary that is worth all of the money we give them.

Decorate and Feel Great

This group decorated the school. It has shown in studies that a more pleasant environment can make people happier, calmer, and more productive. It has shown that warm colors induce happiness, and blues help make people calmer. They wanted to make the school a more cheerful environment to help people learn. They put up encouraging and inspirational messages around the school. They arranged a day for students to gather after school to decorate. They also organized a day called Smile Day and on Smile Day, students were encouraged to smile more. During WIN block, teachers handed out decorations for the class to use to decorate the classroom. These decorations were in warm and blue tones to help the class environment. Each classroom was decorated to raise the school morale. We helped make school a happier place!

Empowering Our Peers

Our project was about empowering our peers and teaching students to be kind to one another. We filmed a video telling people that they are beautiful to see their reaction. Nowadays people are now calling other people beautiful so we wanted to do an experiment. As a part of this project we also posted colorful post-it notes with encouraging and uplifting messages on bathroom walls to boost confidence among students