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  • Community Concert is a project by Isabelle and Arielle Bezerra:
“Community Concert is a CCSR project that focused on using music to improve the community. We went to local centers that are often neglected by the community, such as facilities for the elderly and sick, to play some music and brighten someone's day. By bringing music into forgotten places, we helped make some of Medford's citizens feel special and valued. We hope that the music will bring some joy to those who hear it, and bring something special to the community.”
  • Letters of Comfort is a project by Leticya Souza and Brianna Leccese:
“Letters of Comfort’ is a project by Leticya Souza and Brianna Leccese. We hand wrote letters to parents who have children in the hospital. Our goal is to reassure them that everything will be okay and to wish them the best of luck for whatever they are going through, providing comfort for stressed parents is our objective!”
  • This Mustang C.A.R.E.S. is a project by seniors Lauren Miguel, Emma McGlynn, Amanda DiPaola
“This Mustang C.A.R.E.S.’ is an acronym for Cooperation, Accountability, Responsibility, Empathy, and Safety at the McGlynn elementary school. This acronym is emphasized so that students can reach their full potential as Mustangs. The McGlynn uses it as a way to teach kids how to be good citizens in school, as well as out of school. With the help of teachers and the CCSR, we created a video about C.A.R.E.S. that demonstrates how high school students use C.A.R.E.S. in our everyday lives. It was shown at the beginning of the school year, and will continue to be shown every year, so C.A.R.E.S. can be apart of every school year.”
  • ADHD Awareness is a project by Jenna Redlefsen and Stephanie Sauro:
“Every year there are students who want to take an AP or honors course but feel as though they cannot due to their learning disability. ADHD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, is one of the most common disabilities and kids who have ADHD tend to also have other learning impairments, such as dyslexia, dyscalculia and dysgraphia. Most often when ADHD is discussed, it is looked at as if it is only hyperactive kids who do not want to work. When side effects are brought up, you only see the problems with math or reading, never with writing which is only seen as a common problem anyone could have. We enlightened teachers and helped students to understand what ADHD is through informative videos and a club/elective.”
  • Common Ground is a project by Emily McDaid, Jacqueline Madigan, and Ava Heinegg:
“Common Ground is a reversed inclusion classroom that allows high school students to form connections within The Access Program, a program that works with Medford High School students with significant disabilities. The goal was to incorporate students in Common Ground within classrooms and activities to feel included within the MHS community. Emily McDaid, Jacqueline Madigan, and Ava Heinegg worked alongside Ms. Andre to create an environment in which the students could participate and feel welcome. By working together doing team building activities, they implemented a more inclusive environment that will outlast their time at Medford High School.”
  • Tax-less Tampons: Free the Feminine Products is a project by MHS students: “Christina Zheng, Elisabeth Hunt

We created a system that provided students with free feminine products, much like the existing program at Medford High School that provides food for students in need. We found a company willing to donate feminine products. It was our goal to raise awareness of the need of feminine products and make them available to low income families and high school students. We also contacted the state government and see what we can do to make pads and tampons more affordable and available to all schools, shelters, and jails. Feminine products are not a luxury but rather a necessity and should be affordable by all.”
  • Happy Diwali to all who celebrate, from the CCSR!
  • Today, CCSR student leaders Nico Casamassima and Zain Saleem, alongside Medford High School Vocational Electrical students Kevin Silva and Solomon Jean-Baptiste, presented at National Grid's annual Energy Summit today.  Nico and Zain's CCSR's project was to bring electric car charger stations to MHS and MVTHS, and electrical students Kevin and Solomon (along with some of their peers) helped to install these electric car chargers.  This has been an amazing collaboration between schools, students, faculty and staff.  A big shout out to Alicia Hunt for helping to make all of this happen, as well as teachers Rich Cormio and Adam Burns for teaching their students how to successfully install these electric car chargers.  The CCSR is determined to make Medford greener!
  • Neighborhood Safety Presentation is a project from the Roberts by Salma Traore Lugo (gr 4) and Ana Julia Rodrigues (gr 4): “When discussing areas of concern, these students expressed a desire to teach younger students how to stay safe in the neighborhood. They were worried about students staying safe as they walked home from school. They decided to invite the Medford Police Department in to speak to the Kindergarten and First Grade classes. The officers discussed topics such as crossing the street, stranger danger, car safety, how to call for help, etc.”


Resume Building for High School Students

Read below for some resume tips below.
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Richard Blanco Visits MHS

Thank you so much to Richard Blanco for coming to Medford High School today and reading some of your beautiful poems. We are so grateful for your visit, and we know that you words will continue to inspire others for generations to come.   Read more here!
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First Day of High School Post-It Notes

The CCSR put positive Post-It notes on all freshman lockers today to welcome them to the high school.                    
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Kiwanis Club of Medford Donation

Thank you so much to the Kiwanis Club of Medford for their generous donation of over $1,000 to CCSR tonight! And thanks to seniors Ebyan Abshir and Emily McDaid for speaking on the CCSR’s behalf! We are so grateful for our collaboration with the Kiwanis Club of Medford!
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Global Climate Strike

Many members of the CCSR attended the Global Climate Strike in Boston on September 20th. These Medford students were among the estimated nine to ten thousand in attendance. They decided to purposefully miss school to take action against one of the biggest threats to their generation. Climate Change is real and its disastrous effects are ...
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Tufts Community Day Relations

Thanks to Tufts University Community Relations for inviting us to Tuft’s Community Day! We had such a great time!
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Canning for Kiwanis of Medford

On September 21st, some CCSR members got out to help the Kiwanis Club of Medford raise money! Check out some of the posts below: The Kiwanis Club even gave us a shoutout! Check it out here:  
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Tufts University Shoutout

Thank you to Tufts University Community Relations for the shout-out! Read what they had to say below.  
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CCSR Shoutout by Mayor Burke

Read Mayor Burke's comments about the CCSR and the 3D Illusion Crosswalk project in the Facebook post below:
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Foundation Trust Grant

  The CCSR would like to acknowledge the Foundation Trust for giving us $1,500 to be able to host LGBTQ+ trainings, hosted by PFLAG, for the faculty and staff at Medford High School and the McGlynn Middle School. Also, due to the generosity of the Foundation Trust, PFLAG will be coming to the aforementioned schools ...
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CCSR 3D Illusion Crosswalk Project Featured in Scholastic News

The 3D Illusion Crosswalk Project that has garnered national attention is now featured on the September 2, 2019 issue of the Scholastic News Edition 5/6! Subscribers can access this article by clicking on the following link:
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Medford Slavery Memorial Project Reveal

Medford high school students Jenny Lu and Joe Schmidt and Brooks elementary school students Liam Brady and Jasmine Hagbourne stand next to the Medford Slavery Memorial in Salem Street Burying Ground. Photo credit to Erin Clark for WBUR   On Saturday, June 8th, 2019, CCSR students Jenny Lu, Joseph Schmidt, Jasmine Hagbourne, and Liam Brady unveiled the ...
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3D Crosswalk Project Featured in News

The 3D Crosswalk Project started by Brooks CCSR students Eric and Isa has gained a lot of attention as the crosswalk was finished in April, 2019. There are multiple news articles on the crosswalks:   And there is a NowThis video about the crosswalk: Your browser does not support the video tag. ...
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Stone Zoo Donations

This group of 4th and 5th-grade CCSR students wanted to do something to help endangered animals, and after some internet research, they found out that the Franklin Park Zoo and the Stone Zoo collect used cell phones to save gorilla habitats. To start, they printed up some coloring pages of gorillas for younger students to ...
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The Mustang Way Assembly

The CCSR recently held their first annual Mustang Way Assembly on February 13th at the McGlynn Middle School and on March 6th at the Andrews Middle School. Facilitated by Michael Skorker, the CCSR Director, with the help of McGlynn Middle School's CCSR Advisor Meghan Olsen and the Andrews Middle School's CCSR Advisor Ms. Pourali-Bacon, the assembly ...
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Reports on Social-Emotional Learning and Self-Esteem in the Classroom

The following are reports written by a Medford Public Schools staff member on the effect of Mirror Neurons on Social-Emotional Learning and the Importance of Self-Esteem:   Mirror Neurons & SEL-3 Self-Esteem in the Classroom
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Plastic Bag Ordinance Update: Victory!

Last year, Medford's city council unanimously supported a motion to draft a plastic bag ordinance started by Rubia Fernandes. Fernandes started an online petition in her junior year, which has amassed over 600 supporters After a year of working on this project, the ordinance has made significant progress, getting an official signature from Mayor Stephanie Muccini ...
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CCSR Eighth Grade Open House

Last night MHS/MVTHS hosted its annual Eight Grade Open House Night at which the CCSR participated in as one of the stops along the tour. It was a pleasure speaking to future MHS/MVTHS students and parents about we do to make the world a better place. We can't wait to do it again!   var ...
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ELL Giveback Project wins KIND Schools Challenge

  CBS Article:
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2018 CCSR Student Fair
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CCSR School Committee Meeting
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Bates Insurance Sponsors CCSR T-Shirts

All the staff and student leaders at the Center for Citizenship and Social Responsibility at Medford High School would like to thank Andrea Bates at Bates Insurance for her generous donation of $700.00 for the purchase of T-Shirts! It is people like her that serve as positive role models for our youth. Once again, thank ...
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Channel 5 Awards A+ to CCSR  
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CCSR Awarded 100K Grant  
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CCSR Welcomes State Treasurer Deb Goldberg      
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