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  • Happiness in Giving is a beautiful project by McGlynn Elementary Students: Nina Sousa, Dalilah Ferreira, Nate Burns, Victoria Jean, Keziah Diligent, Syd Napoleone, and Anayah Charles-Forgie:
“The students in this group wanted to make someone’s day brighter by providing painted canvases for residents at either a hospice center or the Soldier’s Home for veterans in Chelsea, MA. They worked hard designing, sketching, and finally painting canvases provided by the nonprofit group Art for Hospice.  The completed 11x14 canvases had uplifting, happy pictures that would  be provided to brighten up rooms for residents.  This  group also provided cards to accompany their canvases and explain their inspiration for the art.”
  • Art for Others is by McGlynn Elementary CCSR Students John Amero, Cayden Hanley, Francy Hayes, Daniel Luo, Brenna Munyon, Benjamin Rudolph, Jayden Zheng, Lacey Green, Suham Shrestha, Sophie Levene, Kahlan Doshi-Rice, Isaiah Nicholson, and Keren Diligen:
“This group of first graders was happy to take a paintbrush in hand and create away in order to provide happiness for someone else.  The goal of this group was to paint on canvases provided by the nonprofit group Art for Hospice.  They first decided on where their art would be donated.  Most students quickly chose to honor veterans at the Soldier’s Home in Chelsea, MA.  A few students made it known that their preference was to have their art work given to ill residents at a local hospice center.  The students worked hard over many weeks designing, sketching and finally painting on the 11x14 canvases, with the help of PTG volunteer moms Renee Hanley and Vanessa Amero.  Additionally, students created cards to accompany their art work telling about themselves and the inspiration for their work.”
  • Penny Wars: A Fundraiser, is a project by McGlynn Elementary Students James Cluggish, Cooper Su, Grace Cluggish:
“When it was decided that our CCSR club would have a fundraiser to help a McGlynn family that had become homeless as well as provide funding for different CCSR projects , these students took on the job of creating the flyer for families and the notification for students in classrooms.  They worked hard on the computer designing a flyer that would include rules, be concise and be easy to read.  Their information to students included easy to understand rules.  Additionally, these students took a lead role in making sure the penny wars fundraiser was publicized in the school and run seamlessly.”
  • Medford for Kids is a McGlynn Elementary Students: Karishma Shankerganesh, Saffron Jacobs, Roza Sadowska, Lillian Barabino, Jessie Martins, and Layla Stone (With middle school volunteers Jaquelin Figueroa and Micaias Mota):
“The students in this group wanted to brag a little about how wonderful they think Medford is!  They researched multiple categories of things which would be of interest to children in Medford and put together a flyer that will be made available to other children.  They included offerings at the library, parks and schools in Medford, restaurants and fast food places that would appeal to children.  They also listed different sports you could participate in in Medford as well as locations kids go to swim or skate.  And, of course, they included ice cream places!”
  • “Recycle, Trash, Compost” Sorting Game is a project by McGlynn Elementary CCSR Students Zahara Khan, Kathy Tang, Lina Alkurdi, Nadine Alkurdi, and Teagan Altman:
“Building upon the success of their book earlier in the year, this group of 5th-graders wanted to create a game to reinforce the recycling concepts taught in their book. Using only paper and markers, these girls created a sorting game for younger students to play during lunch. In this game, students sort the different objects into their appropriate bins: trash, recycling, compost, or electronics, as well as answering questions related to the topic. The group has been teaching 1st-graders how to play the game during lunch!”
  • Northeast Animal Shelter is a project by McGlynn Elementary students Noura Elmouhsine, Zoë Fernandez, Junior Pierre, Andressa DaSilva, and Gabriela DaSilva:
“In what we hope will be an ongoing partnership between McGlynn CCSR and Northeast Animal Shelter, the Volunteer Coordinator at the shelter enlisted the help of these five artistic 2nd-graders to design a new mural to hang up in the shelter. The shelter walls are covered with art by a variety of local artists, and we were honored to be asked to contribute our own work of art. The students came up with their own designs featuring dogs and cats and centered around the theme of community. Over the weeks, they sketched, transferred, and finally painted their beautiful scene of a neighborhood for cats and dogs. They hope that their mural will be a cheerful addition to the walls of the shelter!”
  • Animal Shelter Fundraiser is another great project from the McGlynn Elementary School, led by students Anthony Arsenault, Alex Batista, Kevin Izidorio, Gavin Bailey, Sophia Santos, Joseph Green, Fouad Eldeeb, and Istahil Hassan:
“Inspired by the students who collected donations for local animal shelters earlier in the year, this group decided to do another fundraiser for local animal shelters. Using the money collected from our bookmark-decorating fundraiser and our “penny wars” fundraiser, these students purchased a variety of high-need items for local animal shelters.”
  • Newcomers’ Map of McGlynn Elementary is a project by McGlynn Elementary students Christine Pompilus, Jordan Oriol, Andrew Colbert, Will Batista, and David Paige:
“Starting at a new school can be scary. This group of students wanted to do something to make things a little easier for new students at the McGlynn.  They came up with the idea of making a large-scale map of the school, highlighting relevant locations, to place in the school lobby. They chose locations and did the color-coding and keys all on their own. Once it was finished, we enlarged it on thick poster paper and in August it will be put in the lobby for new students to reference on the first day of school.”
  • Beautiful School is a wonderful project by McGlynn Elementary students Jordan Oriol, Anayah Charles-Forgie, and Victoria Jean:
“These 3 students noticed that the back of our school needed some sprucing up.  They planted some flowers in a planter and arranged for the tree in the back playground to get a covering of mulch to cover the roots and improve the look.  These students enjoyed watering their flowers in the classroom during the winter and growing them from seeds.  It was exciting for them to see the plants sprout and grow.”

Medford Slavery Memorial Project Reveal

Medford high school students Jenny Lu and Joe Schmidt and Brooks elementary school students Liam Brady and Jasmine Hagbourne stand next to the Medford Slavery Memorial in Salem Street Burying Ground. Photo credit to Erin Clark for WBUR   On Saturday, June 8th, 2019, CCSR students Jenny Lu, Joseph Schmidt, Jasmine Hagbourne, and Liam Brady unveiled the ...
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3D Crosswalk Project Featured in News

The 3D Crosswalk Project started by Brooks CCSR students Eric and Isa has gained a lot of attention as the crosswalk was finished in April, 2019. There are multiple news articles on the crosswalks:   And there is a NowThis video about the crosswalk: Your browser does not support the video tag. ...
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Stone Zoo Donations

This group of 4th and 5th-grade CCSR students wanted to do something to help endangered animals, and after some internet research, they found out that the Franklin Park Zoo and the Stone Zoo collect used cell phones to save gorilla habitats. To start, they printed up some coloring pages of gorillas for younger students to ...
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The Mustang Way Assembly

The CCSR recently held their first annual Mustang Way Assembly on February 13th at the McGlynn Middle School and on March 6th at the Andrews Middle School. Facilitated by Michael Skorker, the CCSR Director, with the help of McGlynn Middle School's CCSR Advisor Meghan Olsen and the Andrews Middle School's CCSR Advisor Ms.Pourali-Bacon, the assembly was ...
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Reports on Social-Emotional Learning and Self-Esteem in the Classroom

The following are reports written by a Medford Public Schools staff member on the effect of Mirror Neurons on Social-Emotional Learning and the Importance of Self-Esteem:   Mirror Neurons & SEL-3 Self-Esteem in the Classroom
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Plastic Bag Ordinance Update: Victory!

Last year, Medford's city council unanimously supported a motion to draft a plastic bag ordinance started by Rubia Fernandes. Fernandes started an online petition in her junior year, which has amassed over 600 supporters After a year of working on this project, the ordinance has made significant progress, getting an official signature from Mayor Stephanie Muccini ...
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CCSR Eighth Grade Open House

Last night MHS/MVTHS hosted its annual Eight Grade Open House Night at which the CCSR participated in as one of the stops along the tour. It was a pleasure speaking to future MHS/MVTHS students and parents about we do to make the world a better place. We can't wait to do it again!   var ...
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ELL Giveback Project wins KIND Schools Challenge

  CBS Article:
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2018 CCSR Student Fair
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CCSR School Committee Meeting
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Bates Insurance Sponsors CCSR T-Shirts

All the staff and student leaders at the Center for Citizenship and Social Responsibility at Medford High School would like to thank Andrea Bates at Bates Insurance for her generous donation of $700.00 for the purchase of T-Shirts! It is people like her that serve as positive role models for our youth. Once again, thank ...
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Channel 5 Awards A+ to CCSR  
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CCSR Awarded 100K Grant  
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CCSR Welcomes State Treasurer Deb Goldberg      
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