Brooks Elementary School Projects

View the Brooks Elementary Projects for the 2019-2020 school year

The Playground Project

The purpose of this project was to buy something to make the playground at the Brooks School more fun. They researched different playground items that were affordable and approved by the principal, and took a poll with the students at the Brooks School to ask what they wanted. They got the money from a grant to purchase the playground equipment.

Save The Future

The purpose of this project was to help the Brooks students stop using plastic cups in the cafeteria because they will end up in a landfill. We are trying to save the future by not creating waste. We got Brooks School waterbottles at a low price and sold them at the Brooks School. This helped lower the amount of waste produced by the school.

Reduce Global Warming

The purpose of this project was to help people change their actions and that will reduce global warming. Because wasted energy like gas emissions and electricity, we made posters to put around the school reminding people to use less energy by riding their bike, turning off lights, etc.

Cookies For Cancer

Cookies for Cancer was a project started by Willa and Sophia. We are trying to help people with FSHD and Cancer. We sold cookies and baked treats. You got to choose your price and that means that they would usually pay more. We sent the money that we made to people with FSHD and people with cancer.

Bake To Buy

The purpose of this project was to purchase non perishable food for a local food pantry. We held a bake sale after school to raise money. We used the money to buy canned foods and donated them to a local food pantry.

Animal Helpers

The purpose of this project was to raise money for Angell Memorial Hospital because we love animals. We participated in a bake sale to raise the money. We bought $50 worth of supplies to donate to Angell Memorial Hospital and brought them to the hospital.

Puppy Mills Begone

The purpose of this project was stop the abuse of puppies. For this project we made posters and asked people not to buy puppies from pet stores. Instead, people should get dogs from a licenced breeders or get a rescue dog from a shelter.

Ornaments For The Elderly

The purpose of this project was to give ornaments to senior citizens in Medford for the holidays. We decorated ornaments and sold them at the Brooks school to raise money to buy more ornaments. We brought our decorated ornaments to the Medford senior center and everyone loved them.