Columbus Elementary School Projects

View the Columbus Elementary Projects for the 2018-2019 school year

SPI Challenge

A group of students were upset to hear/see the negative video challenges that were posted on the internet. They decided that they would create a positive challenge for students the Columbus School. They created positive challenge lists for students in grades K- 3. They then awarded prizes to students who completed the challenges on the list.

School Supply Project

This group decided wanted to run a School Supply Drive for Cradles to Crayons. They wanted to help collect items that could go in donated backpacks for students in need. The students collected crayons, markers, binders, folders, pencils, scissors, erasers, paper clips, construction paper, and lunch boxes.

Bookmarks for Little Free Libraries

A High School CCSR student is building new Little Free Libraries around Medford. His hope is to put a child-created bookmark in every book! The CCSR students have been working hard to make as many bookmarks as they can! They created over 60 bookmarks for the Little Free Libraries

Petition - More Reading Time at School

Nathan Falke feels that there needs to be more reading time for students during the school day. He decided to start a petition in order to collect signatures from students and staff around the school who support this idea. He collected signatures throughout the month of April. He is hoping that this will influence teachers to add more reading time to their schedules for next year.

The Toy Crew

This group decided they wanted to help children in need by collecting toys. The students were very concerned that other children might not have many toys to play with. The group collected 6 huge bins of toys and donated them to the organization Cradles to Crayons.

Yarn Drive

This group decided to hold a yarn drive at the Columbus Elementary School. They collected about 100 balls of yarn and 4 knitted hats. They donated all the yarn and knitted goods to The Knitting Connection Inc. All the yarn will be made into clothes for families who need it. Abby says, “It’s important because yarn is being knitted into clothes that help people in need.”

Petition Group - Less Tests, More Review

Nev and Kate decided they wanted to make a change to how many tests they were given each month. They wanted to lessen the amount of tests and fight for more review time. They decided to write up a petition and collect signatures to see how other students and adults felt about this. They have been collecting signatures throughout the month of April. They hope to gain 400 signatures and then meet with administrators to see what can be done.

Crayola Marker Recycling

This group was very passionate about recycling and helping the Earth. They found out that Crayola Markers has a recycling program that allows you to send back markers that no longer work. The group sent out a flyer and counted all the markers that were collected. We sent back 680 markers to be be recycled!