McGlynn Middle School Projects

View the McGlynn Middle School Projects for the 2019-2020 school year

Kindness Letters

During the week of November 4th, we accepted $1 donations at lunch. Students were able to write cards and letters to their friends or teachers. Students were told to write kind messages to their friends or teachers, or simply thanking them for something. The letters were delivered on Wednesday November 13th, which is World Kindness Day.

McGlynn Elementary CCSR

We attended the McGlynn Elementary School CCSR meetings on Tuesdays. We helped them with their projects. For example, we helped them make cards for veterans and soldiers in the army and military. We helped them look up images that they could easily draw. Each week we worked with a small group of elementary school students and guided them as they worked on their projects.

Mustang Way Assembly

We hosted a Mustang Way Assembly for the new 6th graders. We had middle school and high school students share their stories about what the Mustang Way means to them. This assembly took place on November 6, 2019. High school students and 8th graders shared the importance of ACE, the Mustang Way and how it is applied to school and our everyday lives.

McGlynn Food Pantries Fundraiser

During the week of November 18-22 we hosted a food Pantries Fundraises for the St. Francis Food Pantry. First we started with a Project Proposal and we discussed why are we doing this Food Pantries. The reason why we did this fundraiser is because we wanted to help the help the hunger. We raised over 300 cans to donate.

Mustang Way Video

We gathered clips of the influencers in the Medford Community and questioned: “What does the Mustang Way mean to you?” Some of the people we interviewed included principals at the McGlynn and Medford High School, teachers and staff. The goal for this video was to show it at the Mustang Way Assembly, but also to show the benefits of what the Mustang Way does to you not even at school, but in your everyday lives as well to the 6th graders at the McGlynn Middle School.

Veterans Day Cards

CCSR, the Builders Club, and Student Council co-hosted a project to create letters to send to Veterans. These personal letters were included in the packages e sent by Teamsters Local 25 & Teamsters Joint Council 10 NE to Veterans. We discussed how to write an appropriate letter to veterans and what to include and what not to include. Brady and Bridgette went on the McGlynn morning show to motivate students to write these letters during WIN block or their double blocks.

Toys for Tots

Toys for Tots is a program that was founded in 1947 by reservist Major Bill Hendricks and it is now run by the United States Marine Corps Reserve. Toys for Tots distributes toys to children whose parents cannot afford to buy them gifts for Christmas. We wanted to be a drop-off location this year and many years before because we think that every child should get a gift for Christmas. Ms. Fee and Ms. Olsen helped us this year and we want to give them a big thanks, especially Ms. Fee since she has had us be a drop-off location for many years. From November 12th to December 4th, we have collected and donated gifts this year to the children whose parents cannot afford to buy them gifts for Christmas so they could have gifts. We are very thankful to those who donated. Thank you!

Look Up Challenge

At the McGlynn Middle School, the CCSR initiated the schoolwide LookupChallenge. The challenge originated from Ms. Susan Reynold’s presentation on December 4th, “Thriving in the Age of Digital Distraction,” at the McGlynn where both Susan and Principal Tucci challenged all of the students to participate. is a non-profit startup whose mission is to support youth designed solutions for technology and real life balance. Over the course of the past few years, McGlynn Middle School students have been challenged to reflect upon how they can take a more balanced approach with their use of technology. The award winning film Screenagers has been shown to students at the school and students have engaged in discussions in their WIN block homerooms on the topic of screen-time in their lives. Over the course of two days, the McGlynn Middle School had 125 participants join the challenge. CCSR students made announcements on the McGlynn Morning Show, encouraging their peers to challenge themselves to limit their use of screen time over the course of the week. Chromebooks were available for students to register for the challenge during lunches.