McGlynn Elementary School Projects

View the McGlynn Elementary School Projects for the 2017-2018 school year

Animal Shelter Drive

In order to help out at the Northeast Animal Shelter and Kitty Connection adoption center, a drive was organized for donations such as towels, linens, food, litter, etc.

CCSR Fundraiser

In order to support more CCSR projects in the upcoming years, flyers and posters were created to spread awareness and raise funds for the program. Here, CCSR students Teagan and Olivia take a turn at the CCSR booth where they are running the Change 4 Charity fundraiser!

Troop Appreciation

Letters of appreciation were written and sent to servicemen and women in order to thank them for serving our country. Here, Carissa, Abbey, Jemimah, and Emma have finished their letters of thanks and are ready to send them out.

School Recycling

In order to lessen the school's impact on the environment, these CCSR students started a series of recycling initiatives around the school. Posters were created and spread around that show what can and can't be recycled. Recycling containers were purchased, decorated, and then donated to teachers' rooms. There are also plans to talk to city officials to add a recycling component to the cafeteria.

Children's Book Drive

A drive was organized for gently used books to be donated for children in hospitals. On the left, Ishita, Tosia, Anayah, Davianna, and Brianna pose with a collection of the donated books. On the right, Sydnee, Emma, Xavier, and Soha sort through the donated books in order to prepare them for delivery.

Anti-Bullying Posters

Anti-Bullying posters were hung up around the school to support the school's anti-bullying message and help make the walls less bare. Pictured here are Sophea and Soha with their posters (left) and Alanna, Driana, and Sydnee with their kindess posters (right).