Mcglynn Elementary School Projects

View the Mcglynn Elementary School Projects for the 2018-2019 school year

Adopt a Panda

This group of 4th and 5th graders had a passion for endangered wildlife, and discovered the World Wildlife Fund’s “adopt-a-panda” program. In this program, people from all over the world can financially sponsor a panda for a period of time. These students all really liked pandas, and decided they wanted to do this. In order to raise the money to adopt their own panda, this group joined with several other groups to put on a fundraiser during lunch time. They made origami bookmarks, then charged their classmates to decorate the bookmarks in the cafeteria. This fundraiser generated enough money for all of the groups involved to do what they’d aimed to do, and this group adopted their panda! The symbolic adoption came with a kit including a stuffed panda, an adoption certificate, a panda fact card, and a reusable bag.

Homeless Care Packages

These 3rd and 4th-graders decided they wanted to put together care packages for homeless people. They started by looking online for ideas for items to include in the care packages. Once they had come up with a list, they designed posters that they hung up around the school, as well as a flyer that they sent home with students, outlining the items they needed. Through online research, they identified a local homeless shelter called Medford Family Life Education, and this is where they decided their donations would go. Once the donations had all come in, they organized them into individual care packages in ziploc bags. At some point soon, they will present their donations to a representative from the shelter.

Kidney Disease Prevention Flyers

This group of 4th-graders got the idea for their project from Alex’s mom, who is a doctor. They wanted their relatives and other people in the community to have easily accessible information on simple ways to help lower their risk of developing kidney disease. They did online research to find the information they wanted. Their flyers included lists of possible signs of kidney disease, as well as lists of foods and habits that are healthy and unhealthy for the kidneys. They distributed their flyers to the School Nurse’s office, as well as to their own families.

Animal Shelters

This trio of compassionate 4th-graders organized a donation drive for two local animal shelters, the Northeast Animal Shelter and The Kitty Connection. To publicize the drive, they made a video for classroom teachers to show to their students. They filmed a video advertising the drive was shown in classrooms to kick off the drive. They also designed flyers to send home with students on the same day that teachers showed the video. They asked people to donate used towels, blankets, and newspaper (items that the shelters need to line cages), as well as pet toys and food.

Recycling and the Environment

This group of civic-minded 5th-graders opted to continue the work on recycling that some other students started last year. Back in October, they came up with several ideas that they’re currently working their way through. They wrote a letter to Mayor Muccini-Burke’s office, asking what they could do to improve recycling in our school and citywide. The Mayor responded back and asked the students to design a flyer on recycling to be sent out city-wide! The group also made a picture book about recycling that other children can read.

"Kindness in the Middle" Anti-Bullying Posters

These 2nd and 3rd-graders put their artistic talents to good use by creating posters promoting kindness and anti-bullying. When finished, their posters were laminated and displayed around the school, giving students colorful reminders about how to treat others.

Peer Tutoring

These 3rd and 5th graders decided that they wanted to give back to the younger students at McGlynn, and started a peer tutoring group to work with students in Kindergarten. They’ve worked with the Kindergarten teachers to identify students who needed some 1-on-1 extra help, and have each been meeting with a different Kindergarten student once a week for 45 minutes to work on foundational literacy skills. The group spends CCSR meeting time preparing an activity to do with their Kindergarten friends for that following week, and then they take time during lunch to visit the Kindergarten classrooms and tutor their buddy. The Kindergarten students benefit from the extra help, and the Kindergarten teachers are thrilled to have former students of theirs coming in to help!

Bathroom Beautification

This group of 3rd-5th graders identified the student bathrooms as a part of our school that could be improved. They observed that the bathrooms get messy very often, with water and paper towels on the floor. They’ve put together data tables and worked on collecting data from each of the student bathrooms in the school, which included as which days and times are the most problematic, and how many students use the bathrooms each day. From this data, they have identified common problems such as smells and faulty equipment and have fixed them, beautifying the bathrooms of the McGlynn Elementary School.