Medford High School Projects

View the MHS Projects for the 2017-2018 school year

Hurricane Harvey Relief

CCSR senior Stella Eliopoulus's project was to drive donated goods all the way down to Houston, Texas in order to help the victims impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

Andrews-McGlynn Middle School Marching Band

Duncan, Chris, and Michael’s marching band’s project focuses on recruiting Medford middle school students for a small scale marching band. As members of the Medford High School Marching Band, the group witnesses the decline of young students’ interest in music, first hand. They believe that if they can spark the interests of young students, they can spark a flaming passion and curiosity for the ever expanding world of music.

Student Involvement Initiative

Adriana and Francesca’s project is about student involvement. Many Medford High students don’t know the multitude of clubs available to them, so they want to make a source that contains information about them. They are making a website that has information about what clubs the school has, when they meet, and how one can get involved. They want to make a magazine by next year to distribute to the students. Once, they are finished with their website and magazine, they want to start the “Handprint Project”. They want to create a mural in the school, and have people put their handprints with a word or two describing themselves. The goal of this project is to show each person's identity and this will show how diverse our school is.

Purple Run

The Purple Run is a planned non-profit 5K walk/run in Medford. The event will raise money for GIST, a rare form of cancer. The goal of this is not only to help fund research for this cancer, but to bring awareness to a disease that little to none know about.

Student Environmental Advocates of Medford (Seam)

The Student Environmental Advocates of Medford is a club organizing specific actions in fighting for the local environment. By assembling this group, Maria, Shubhecchha, Rubia, Rachel, Abyan, Mya, and Audrey hope to accomplish various projects throughout the school year and beyond their high school careers. The environment is a powerful part of the society, and its maintenance is paramount, especially in our lives today. SEAM hopes to encourage the community’s maintenance of Mother Earth.

CCSR Documentary

For his project, Will Mucci-Riley interviewed current members of CCSR on their 2017-2018 school year projects. He wanted to capture “just how hard our members worked this year in a film”. The final video truly conveys the passion and motivation of each student. The documentary is meant to show just how much CCSR  members care about the community through the time and effort they dedicate to their projects.

CCSR Radio

CCSR Radio is a new project founded this year by senior Sebastian Tringale. A new medium of journalism inspired by radio, podcasting is episodes of audio media that can be streamed through the internet; but it is so much more. CCSR Radio tells the story of the club as a whole, as well as amazing, individual stories of students who have molded the world into a better one. In the future, CCSR Radio will be an easy way to encourage, promote, and activate students participation in their community. In ancient times, humans sat around campfires and truly listened to legends, myths, and heroic tales. Today, CCSR Radio will help our community to truly listen to the amazing work of our youth.

Victory Park Dog Dispensers

As soccer players, Gavin Falvey, Ben Verity, and Marvin Michel have played many games and had many practices on Victory Park. They noticed that it is a popular place for people to walk their dogs, so to improve the community's dog walking experience, they worked to install doggy bag dispensers around the field. This allows dog walkers to easily dispose of their dogs’ waste and also helps the environment and overall appearance of their beloved park.