Medford High School Projects

View the MHS Projects for the 2019-2020 school year

A Veteran s Perspective

Emma McGlynn created a video titled “A Veteran’s Perspective.” She interviewed five veterans from within the Medford community, each from a different branch of the military. Each veteran told their personal story about their experience in the United States Military, returning home, what they did after serving, and the overall impact of their experience on themselves and the community. Emma then complied their stories into a video to share with the community that honors local veterans and shares their experiences of serving.

NPR Student Podcast Challenge

Stefan Langshur’s CCSR Project was entering the NPR Student Podcast Challenge. He created a podcast about defining personal success, working toward it, and eventually achieving an end goal. His aim with this project was to help others define a goal for themselves and learn to work toward that goal every day.

Medford Porch Jam

For Colin Bailey’s Act of Kindness, he worked with Mr. Skorker and Ms. Fard to create “The Medford Porch Jam.” They worked together to create a musical event that featured musicians playing the song “Imagine” by John Lennon from their own homes. Each person who was a part of the event joined a Zoom call that was created to promote a sense of unity and musical welcoming. CCSR singers (students and faculty members alike) sang individual verses while playing their instruments. The goal of this project was to spread musical positivity while singing a song of hope for the future, and a song of unity that spanned across each corner of the city of Medford!

Inspirational Quotes Project

In a word overwhelmed with measuring talent and expertise, we often fail to observe the significance behind the role of inspiration. Inspiration awakens us to new beginnings by granting us the possibility to rise above our standard experiences and limitations. Inspiration sets in motion a person from lack of interest to great potential, and over the course of time it changes the way we perceive our own capabilities. Many may fail to notice inspiration because of its evasive nature. However, throughout the existence of humanity, many have looked forward to that breeze of inspiration as something to grasp and hold onto, such as the likes of Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, J.K. Rowling, and countless more. Whether it's in the sense of an inspiring story or simply just someone saying two straightforward words, these celebrities used inspiration to push them in the midst of their darkest times, and came out stronger. Hence, to continue the everlasting idea of inspiration, and urge others to keep pushing, Anderson Prince and Nishant Saini created inspirational quotes. These quotes would ultimately be displayed around the school to encourage many to not just simply be inspired, but to also be a source of inspiration.

Helping out at the McGlynn CCSR

For their CCSR project this year, Josh Klein and Matteo D'Aveta helped out at the McGlynn Elementary CCSR. They attended meetings every Tuesday and helped the instructors keep the students on task and focused on their projects. They also helped the students to figure out what they wanted to do for their projects and then assisted them in achieving their goals for their projects. The students’ projects this year included making pet beds for local animal shelters, writing jokes to give to other students, and making and selling pencil toppers to raise money for charity.

Mural Me This, Mural Me That

For Juliana Melo’s CCSR project, she painted a mural based on the riddles and parables in famous literature. She took all of these riddles and tried to imagine them as paintings. She loves art and this is an accomplishment she has wanted to achieve for a while. The mural is located in Ms. Giordano’s room, C223.

Jazzing Up Café Electra

For Marya Abulfaraj, Cadee Stefani, Kieran Adams, Gus Tringale, Nick Hollings, Ebyan Abshir, and Rachel Dakermanji’s project, thier group came together to paint Café Electra. Ever since the opening of Bistro 489, Café Electra has mostly been forgotten about. They livened up the room by painting a mural on all four walls with the guiding theme of street art. The finished room’s main purpose was to provide a quiet space for students during lunch who may feel overwhelmed in the cafeterias. With a vibrant mural, they hope to beautify this space to create a relaxed environment for all MHS students who want to take a break from the stress of school.

Homeless Helpline

We hoped to be an outlet to the homeless by providing them with basic necessities that they cannot afford on their own. In order to help the homeless we made care packages that contained most items that we take for granted in our lives. We hosted a bake sale with cookies that were handmade by us to gain the money to buy the items. We sold hot chocolate along side the cookies. Once we had a sufficient amount of money we got all the items the homeless required. By then we had already been in contact with a homeless shelter that sought out donations. We wanted to make Medford’s Homeless people’s situation feel more comfortable and welcome.