Medford High School Projects

View the MHS Projects for the 2019-2020 school year

Homeless Helpline

We hoped to be an outlet to the homeless by providing them with basic necessities that they cannot afford on their own. In order to help the homeless we made care packages that contained most items that we take for granted in our lives. We hosted a bake sale with cookies that were handmade by us to gain the money to buy the items. We sold hot chocolate along side the cookies. Once we had a sufficient amount of money we got all the items the homeless required. By then we had already been in contact with a homeless shelter that sought out donations. We wanted to make Medford’s Homeless people’s situation feel more comfortable and welcome.

Kitty Connection Treats and Drive

August Bengtson did a drive for cleaning supplies, blankets, and toys for a local animal rescue, based in Medford, called Kitty Connection. He also baked some healthy dog and cat treats for these adorable animals in need. Kitty Connection not only saves cats, as the name suggests, but also dogs. They are a non-profit and all-volunteer organization. Many people only think of food when it comes to donating to a rescue. In fact, most shelters need much more than just food, but cleaning supplies, blankets, toys, and much more. In the future, the drive will most likely be held over a week or so in order to collect an abundance of supplies to assist these wonderful volunteers!

Medford Styrofoam Ban

Styrofoam is an incredibly harmful material, not only to the workers who produce it, but it poses a danger to our students and the environment as well. It does not biodegrade, and it ends up polluting our oceans and tainting our seafood. It also poses a humanitarian crisis, by making the factory workers who produce it extremely sick, as well as posing a threat of styrene poisoning by putting hot food on it. For my project, I hope to not just ban styrofoam in Medford High, but extend my project further. Many people are unaware of styrofoam’s threats, or simply do not care to fix this issue, and I hope by raising awareness and gaining support, I will be able to implement a Medford city-wide styrofoam ban.

The Book Box Project

Our group set up a book donation box outside Medford High School, similar to the ones that used to be set up outside the Andrews. Our goal is for books that have been donated by Medford residents to be given a new home (i.e public or school library) depending on the maturity level of the book. For example, if a student no longer needs a book that was required for school, he or she could put it in the donation box. The next time that my group sorts through the books in the box, we would donate it to the appropriate library in Medford so that others in lower grades who need it may enjoy it as well.

Cleaning Up McDonald Park

Ricky and I recently started cross-country, and when we had our first cross-country meet, we realized that the park we were running in was very messy, with litter everywhere and it was just not a good place to run. When we joined CCSR, we found that it was the perfect opportunity to clean up the place we run in. After I found out that my friend Capland was looking for a project to work on, I invited him to work with us. We think that this project will really help the park become more enjoyable, and hopefully we can inspire more people to help clean parks as well.

MHS Spirit Week

Mallika Limose and Shruti Sood want to bring Spirit Week and the spirit assembly back to Medford High School. Our freshman year was the first year the spirit assembly did not take place and through the past few years, we have noticed a decline in school spirit. Our goal is to have Spirit Week after April break. With AP testing, the MCAS, and SATs coming up this spring, we want students to have a sense of enjoyment and relaxation before this rigorous studying period. We hope that this Spirit Week will act as a catalyst for school spirit in the years to come.

Tech Time

A couple of years ago former CCSR members Megan and Sandra established Tech Time. This year we will carry on the legacy of this successful project. Every half-day once a month we visited a senior center. At the senior center, we taught the elderly how to use their electronic devices, instructing them on simple things such as how to take a picture or sending an email.

The World Cafe

For my project, I organized the World Cafe. The World Cafe took place in late February around the 28th to 29th. This event was for community members, educators, highschool students, parents, and anyone else who was willing to participate. At this workshop there were tables set up, each with a student administrator and a group of community members. The student administrators each had a list of questions revolving around diversity and inclusion within the city of Medford as well as what these terms mean to them. Their answers were recorded and used to make positive changes in Medford. There was food provided, and this event served as a chance to integrate generation and people with different perspectives to help each community member understand the other’s view point.