Medford High School Projects

View the MHS Projects for the 2019-2020 school year

Seeds To Feed

Naomie Pierre, Baban Gill, Oprah Nkera, and Eleanor Nkera’s project is called Seeds to Feed. The group planted a harvest to donate to the Mystic community market. With these vegetables they wanted to help by planting a variety of different fruits and vegetables, so people have easy access to food. This pandemic left many families to worry about their next meals. Therefore, the group wanted to give them our help, and support during these tough times. This all happened at the garden in MHS, which is run by Mrs. Retta Smith.

The Inner Alchemy Project

The Inner Alchemy project started simply as an appearance in Nicholas Yurasko's mind. He had no previous intentions of working on a meditation program designed to teach students and teachers alike how to properly meditate and the various fascinating philosophical and religious traditions for which meditation has been a staple for thousands of years. Now, following this impression on his field of consciousness, he decided to present the project as a possible antidote to the troubling states of mind attending all of us alike in the unique (at least for the twenty first century) experience of the coronavirus. In some traditions, it is opposed to the purpose to speak of meditation as if it had a clearly defined purpose. But that is not very helpful for those who are already skeptical of the value of the practice. Nic will argue that meditation arms the human being with the capacity to be truly human, rather than merely a victim of history, genealogy, and upbringing; He will additionally argue that long-term meditators have formed for themselves the only genuine sense of free will through their practice. If these sound like outlandish or even impossible claims to you, Nic encourages you to try the practice for yourself. And to keep trying.

School Supplies for Students

Cadyn Golisano and Lily Beagan knew that due to the pandemic, kids were no longer able to share school supplies in school and many families could not afford them. This year, they decided to place boxes around the city in local stores and restaurants and asked for people to donate supplies. After a few weeks of collecting donations, they sanitized and then distributed the supplies to the students of the Medford Public Schools. Everyone who came each got one bag of supplies, including all the essential supplies, so that everyone had the chance to get what they needed. For social distancing reasons, they distributed supplies outside of Medford Highschool with two days of distributions.

Essential Work

Essential Work was a food drive and donation program that collected food to be distributed to struggling families and individuals across Medford. Andrea Suribory and Daniel Morgante created a social media advertisement to get the word out to Medford residents, and placed donation boxes in hotspots around the city. In addition, the two received a grant and contacted local businesses to donate money that could be used toward the purchase of canned goods, non-perishables, and other essential items that struggling individuals have a hard time getting access to during these testing times. After collecting all of their materials, Suribory and Morgante worked with the Medford Family Network to locate the people that would best benefit from the assistance and distribute the contents to them. The project was created to help fellow Medford residents that are facing food insecurity gain access to materials that they need in order to get through the pandemic happily and healthily.

Senior Voter Registration

For Sam Cluggish’s Act of Kindness, he worked with Mr. Skorker, Chenine Peloquin, and the administration of Medford High School to help eligible students at Medford High School register to vote for the November 3rd election. Using some aspects of the program When We All Vote, he provided students with the resources necessary to register themselves to vote using Massachusetts’s online voter registration system. The ability to vote is very important to the community because it allows the average citizen to engage in public discourse and change the community directly. Being able to vote during the election was especially important due to the turning point the election created and the issues being decided. Sam was very happy he was able to help the community in this way and he looks forward to future opportunities to benefit the community.

Painting Positivity

Charlotte Gingo and Emma Maganzini painted a mural promoting body positivity at MHS. Using an Instagram account created for the project, they received submissions of positive messages from students at MHS which were included in the mural. Students were encouraged to post photos of themselves standing with the mural, which they would tag the instagram in and then their photos would be reposted by Charlotte and Emma. The goal of the project was to spread self love and positivity throughout the MHS community, as many young people struggle with body image and often see negative images or messages regarding body image on social media.

College Access Resource and Mentoring Program (CARAMP)

The goal of this project was to help first generation, low-income (FGLI) high school students in professional development and the road to college by connecting them to college readiness resources and a Mentor Team composed of Tufts students from similar backgrounds. Students asked the Mentor Team questions through online communication and virtual meetings and received compilations of resources in the form of lists, graphics, videos, and webinars. 

Medford's Loving Letters

Isabella Duque Munoz, Rayssa Braga, And Leticia Madeira wanted people to write kind, encouraging, and motivational letters to their loved ones. People sent the group an email stating who they wanted to send the letter to, who it was being sent by (it could be anonymous), the address, and what they wanted to write. The group revised them and mailed them. They believe that this has brought smiles to peoples’ faces and helped them throughout these hard times. Being at home most of the time and barely socializing can take a toll on us, as we are social creatures. When you send someone an actual letter it gives a way bigger effect than a text or email. The group believes that the impact this has had on our city has been amazing and something worth thinking about.