Medford High School Projects

View the MHS Projects for the 2019-2020 school year

Plasticware Project

These eight student leaders have been working on a project to reduce the amount of plastic utensils used by recommending businesses to give plasticware out on a request only basis. This will help small businesses save money in addition to the reduction of plastic pollution and slow down environmental degradation. They conducted a survey with more than 270 people in the community. Through that survey, they found that nearly 70% of people rarely or never use plastic utensils. And that 85% would request to not receive plastic utensils if given the option to do so.

MLK Panel Day

Student leaders Amine Nazih, Liza Lopes, and Zayn Yousuf participated at a Martin Luther King talk panel as CCSR panelists. They spoke about Dr. King's legacy, current issues, and changes they would like to see in their community. The students chose this project because Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy was something important to them, and they wanted to do a project related to the current BLM movement. The MLK panel was streamed live on Facebook on January 18th.

The Segment with Sam

For Sam Cluggish’s service project for the community, he started a monthly podcast for the CCSR that chronicled the happenings of the CCSR over the month. He also interviewed members of different CCSR projects and interviewed members of the community who either helped out with said projects or are working on their own to help serve the community. Each podcast had a monthly theme which Sam discussed by sharing his own thoughts on the theme as well as through the interviews. Sam did this podcast mainly by himself, without the direct sponsorship of any organization. However, he does want to thank BandLab and Spreaker for making free-to-use recording programs so he could record and edit the podcasts. Sam hopes that the podcast will continue after he graduates from high school and that it will hopefully grow to include more than just one person running the show.

Medford Book Drive

For Matteo D’Aveta and Josh Klein’s CCSR project this year, they decided to hold a book drive for the Medford area. They advertised the book drive using virtual flyers. They set up a collection area where people could leave their unwanted books. After they collected a sufficient amount of books, they sorted through them to pick out all the books in good condition and divided them based on whether they were written for adults or for children. Once they had done this, they gave the books to local services/schools where the books could be put to good use.

Trash Free Campaign

For this year’s project, Lily Loren and Haley O’Rourke worked in collaboration with the Medford Mayor’s office, the DPW, and the Mystic Watershed Association to organize several different clean-ups around the Mystic River and picked up trash to prevent the water from being polluted. They gathered a group of volunteers and divided into smaller groups to address different areas around the river that needed to be cleaned up (wearing masks and following CDC social distance guidelines). The DPW provided grabbers, gloves, and trash bags to ensure that everything was picked up safely.

Closing the Age Gap

For Theodora Odvil, Victoria Miller, Sammy Mercauto and Megan Furtado’s CCSR Project, the group wanted to close the gap between the young and elderly once again. The project has a close connection to the group because Theodora works and volunteers with the elderly at a nursing home. Vicki volunteers with children with special needs, and Sammy and Megan volunteer with their younger cousins. The group had children create cards for a holiday and then deliver/mailed the cards to the elderly.

Crosswalk Painting

Amine Nazih and Zayn Yousuf decided to paint/redo crosswalks across Medford. There are many crosswalks in and around Medford that are fading and becoming hazardous for pedestrians. These crosswalks are hard for drivers to see from far away and these students felt the need to redo the faded crosswalks. Along with redoing crosswalks, their project also consisted of painting over certain crosswalks with bright colors to make them even more visible to passing vehicles. This also helped beautify the surroundings. The students contacted and collaborated with the Mayor’s Office for their project. The Mayor’s office agreed to fund their entire project along with helping them conduct the paintings.

City of Medford Scavenger Hunt

Sisters Kate and Abbie Joslin wanted to create a scavenger hunt for citizens of Medford to teach people about their community and what it had to offer. They decided to compile a list of many different objects and places around town that symbolized Medford. In order to maintain social distancing, Kate and Abbie had participants take photos of the things they found and the places they visited. All of these pictures were uploaded to a google doc that everyone had access to. This way everyone involved could see all the different objects people found. This scavenger hunt was a great way to bring the community together. The goal of this scavenger hunt was to create an opportunity for people to go outside and do something fun in their community. In addition to this, the scavenger hunt taught people about Medford and what they could find throughout our very special city.