Medford High School Projects

View the MHS Projects for the 2021-2022 school year

School Supply Donations

CCSR student leaders, Tenzin, Brendan, Sydney and Sophia decided to raise money for school supplies at Medford High School. There are many students at MHS who are unable to afford school supplies and struggle to find these resources. This makes learning/school harder to engage in when you don't have the proper tools for class. The students’ project consisted of fundraisers through bake sales during school events and hours. The supplies were put into the school's hope chest, an anonymous source for students to take food, clothes, school supplies, etc. This helps students struggling to find these necessities. The students approached and collaborated with teachers at school for this project. Mr. Skorker and Mr. Nascimento offered to help organize this project along with helping them create connections.

Stand with Ukraine

The CCSR held an event in support of Ukraine during these difficult times. The Stand with Ukraine event was held on March 4, 2022, Friday, the image on the left were the nine students, Khushi Kaur, Amine Nazih, Emma Desharnais, Matteo D’Aveta, Jordan Lanakiev, Eamon Costello, Andersen Prince, Zayn Yousuf, Anamol Kaspel. who gave speeches about how they felt about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The ten students on the right image volunteered with the concession stand which contained baked goods. All proceeds and donations were given to UNICEF. The students wore yellow and blue, colors of the Ukraine flag, to show their support to the people in Ukraine.

Medford Chess Club Posters

For Jasmine’s project, she worked with Mr. Skorker and Mr. Elsey to create posters for the Medford Chess Club. She used the internet and her friends to gather information about chess to put onto the posters. She made two posters about general information about the Medford Chess Club and general rules for playing chess.

Covid-19 Video

Melanie Alvarez produced a video about Covid-19 and how it affected life as a high school student. In this video, she wanted to capture the reality of Covid-19 and the changes from doing school online to now being in person. Alvarez demonstrated the negative aspects of Covid as well as the positive aspects.

Middle School Science Workshops

In an effort to increase STEM awareness within under-represented groups in Medford, student leaders hosted 4 after-school science workshops in the McGlynn and Andrews middle schools in the spring, working with faculty and existing science programs. The student-led workshops covered topics in physics, chemistry, biology, and engineering and provided students with the chance to conduct their own lab experiments. Aside from being educational, the workshops were also a great way to bond with new students and make connections.

CCSR Mural

This CCSR group painted a mural beside the main staircase of the library. It contains many childhood characters which show the theme of growing up. This mural presents a nostalgic feeling to the viewers, in hopes of brightening someone’s day. It allows them to reminisce about the past.

Halloween Activities

These student leaders wanted to beautify Medford High School by decorating all the cafeterias to celebrate Halloween. They also set up three different activities for students to participate in Plastic Ghost Cups, Pipe Cleaner Spiders, and Painting Wooden Structures. The painting was the most popular and many students painted their own designs onto the variety of wooden structures such as ghosts and dinosaurs. The students decorated the cafeteria with wall hanging decorations, small figures (such as rats and skulls), caution tape, etc. The goal of this project was to spread the spirit of Halloween since many students were dressing up in costumes, getting photos taken, and participating in a costume contest. They aimed to create an environment for students to celebrate the holiday with their friends and peers.

Polystyrene (Styrofoam) Ban

This project is working to enact a Polystyrene foam, commonly known as Styrofoam, ban in the food industry service of the City of Medford. Polystyrene is harmful to our environment and health, negatively impacting wildlife and ecosystems. Ellie, along with others, created a petition with over 1,200 signatures in support of this. She’s spoken in front of City Council twice, once in 2020 and once in 2021, and has received unanimous support to review an ordinance banning Polystyrene in a Committee of the Whole. In February 2022, she plans to present at the Committee of the Whole meeting and move forward with this effort. She hopes to ban polystyrene and move to more reusable, recyclable materials available in the city of Medford. She wants to make a lasting impact on our community and improve the environment by working with local and possibly state governments.