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CCSR Radio

CCSR Radio is a new project founded this year by senior Sebastian Tringale. A new medium of journalism inspired by radio, podcasting is episodes of audio media that can be streamed through the internet; but it is so much more. CCSR Radio tells the story of the club as a whole, as well as amazing, individual stories of students who have molded the world into a better one. In the future, CCSR Radio will be an easy way to encourage, promote, and activate students participation in their community. In ancient times, humans sat around campfires and truly listened to legends, myths, and heroic tales. Today, CCSR Radio will help our community to truly listen to the amazing work of our youth.

CCSR Documentary

For his project, Will Mucci-Riley interviewed current members of CCSR on their 2017-2018 school year projects. He wanted to capture “just how hard our members worked this year in a film”. The final video truly conveys the passion and motivation of each student. The documentary is meant to show just how much CCSR  members care about the community through the time and effort they dedicate to their projects.

CCSR Fundraiser

In order to support more CCSR projects in the upcoming years, flyers and posters were created to spread awareness and raise funds for the program. Here, CCSR students Teagan and Olivia take a turn at the CCSR booth where they are running the Change 4 Charity fundraiser!

DECA Finalists

Two DECA (Distributive Educational Club of America) student members, Hunter Tognarelli and Michael Sanchez, have earned the right to represent MPS at DECA National / Internationals Stock Market Challenge Competition

Annual CCSR Dinner Party

With exponential growth of the CCSR, Nicole Chin felt that all the hard work the students and faculty of the organization put forth during the year needed to be celebrated. Therefore, she held the first Annual Dinner for all members and their families this year. The Annual Dinner highlighted the members and the hard work they have done throughout the year. All family members were invited as well Alongside the dinner, Nicole also held fundraisers at local restaurants from time to time as a way of supporting CCSR and their funds.

CCSR Website Team

These inquisitive and tech-savvy 2nd-graders decided to try their hand at developing and maintaining a web page for McGlynn Elementary CCSR. These students took time to interview each of the other groups and write brief summaries of what each group is doing. When done, they typed up their summaries, which then got copied and pasted into a GoogleSite set up by MHS CCSR Webmaster Darwin Do. The Website Team was also responsible for web page photography; in fact, many of the group photographs in these write-ups were taken by members of the Website Team! These students got to learn the new skill of web page design, while also documenting CCSR’s hard work.

McGlynn Middle School Project Fair

The McGlynn CCSR students participated in creating a safety video that was shared with the entire McGlynn Middle School student body. The video shows the correct procedures during a fire drill, a lockdown, and a shelter in place. Drills occurred during class times, transitions, and when in the cafeteria setting. The video is designed to give a visual to students so that they are prepared.

Literacy Night & Make-a-Wish Book Raffle

The Columbus School held their annual Literacy Night on March 5th. Students from the CCSR raffled off books to raise money for the Make-a-Wish Foundation. Students Gloria Babish, Philip Catanzano and Nathan Falke ran the table and raised $70. CCSR High School students (Include Names) volunteered to play Literacy games with younger students throughout the event.The proceeds for pizza sales were also donated to the CCSR which allowed group members to purchase books for the Library. Students Salvi Tello and Samuel Santos picked books at the Porter Square Book Fair to donate to the schools Library.

Penny Wars: A Fundraiser

When it was decided that our CCSR club would have a fundraiser to help a McGlynn family that had become homeless as well as provide funding for different CCSR projects, these students took on the job of creating the flyer for families and the notification for students in classrooms. They worked hard on the computer designing a flyer that would include rules, be concise and be easy to read. Their information to students included easy to understand rules. Additionally, these students took a lead role in making sure the penny wars fundraiser was publicized in the school and run seamlessly.