Portfolio tag: Brooks 2018-2019

Rebel Recyclers

Third graders Georgia Scott and Addie Costello are student leaders and members of the Brooks Center for Citizenship and Social Responsibility. Their project was starting a #4 plastic recycling program at the Brooks Elementary cafeteria.

Save our Animals

Third graders Ryan Surette and Alexandra Ingano both think of animals like their friends. Therefore, they educated the Brooks students about the many dangers our planet’s animals face. Most importantly, they taught about ways they could help them. Ryan and Alexandra believe we need to do everything we can do to save them.

Penny Wars

Fourth graders Quinn MacLean Albee and Jane Wyman gave each Brooks’s classroom a penny jar. Each classroom collected as many pennies as they could. At the end of the challenge, the students collected the coins, and in the end, every class was a winner because all the money collected was donated to the Boston Children's Hospital.

Go Green

Fourth graders Anna White and Isa created an awareness campaign about conserving resources within the Brooks Elementary. They personally talked to each Brooks’s class about saving resources. They wanted the Brooks to know more about how people are hurting the Earth and ways to save it.

Welcome Home Medford Veterans Committee

Third graders Erin Alves and Margaret Owens, along with fourth graders Valerie Bzomowski and Carina Lewis continued last year’s successful program, Welcome Home Medford Veterans. Each month the girls received a list of returning Medford veterans. They visited each soldier and welcomed them home with an American flag, a personally written note, a box of homemade cookies, and a big heartfelt thank you.

Words of Kindness

Second grader Isabella Putnam Bagley and her fifth grade sister Delilah Putnam Bagley took on the Words of Kindness project. Words of Kindness was made to help everyone, the kind and the not so kind. They had a positive effect on people and made them think about their actions. They made posters and wrote kind words on them. Isabella and Delilah went to stores, like Michaels Crafts and asked for donations of picture frames. In the end, they hung the inspirational words throughout the school.

Friendship Garden

Fourth graders Grace McLaughlin, Norah Berson, and Evelyn Yeh made flower boxes for the Buddy Coholan Center for Alzheimer's in Medford. They donated the boxes in spring when the flowers were best. They did this so people that can’t remember things could look at something pretty and hopefully be a little happier.

Screen Strike

Fifth graders Mia Armit and Anna Schlenker shared recent research on the dangers of too much screen time to the Brooks population. The project’s aim was to lower the amount of student screen time.

I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

Second grader Lorcan Grehan and third grader Patrick Waldron focused on entertaining the elderly. They performed magic, plays, games, and jokes at local nursing homes for the residents. They entertain the elderly as well as bringing a little extra happiness into their lives.

Cookies for Cancer

Third graders Audrey Adkins and Nadia Aquil baked homemade cookies for a bake sale. The money they raised went to the LUNGevity Foundation to help people with lung cancer.

Hope for the Homeless

Fifth graders Kaitlyn Alves and Lila Armi organized a fundraiser to benefit a local homeless shelter. The girls held a bake sale at the Running of the Leprechauns 5K Road Race. They sold delicious homemade cupcakes and cookies. This was the second year the girls sold baked goods for a worthy cause.

3D Illusion Crosswalk

Brooks School 4th grader Eric Dobson and his 3rd grade partner are student leaders and members of the Brooks Center of Citizenship and Social Responsibility. They proposed the idea of painting a 3D optical illusion crosswalk near the Brooks Elementary School to Mayor Muccini Burke. The crosswalk painting would appear three dimensional. The striped lines would look like floating blocks in the middle of the road. The painted illusion has been successful at lowing speeds in many other locations. The mayor loved the idea and scheduled them to speak at the February 13th Traffic Commission meeting. The commissions gave them their support and are now in the process of scheduling a meeting with Brooks School’s Principal Galusi to move forward with the project.

Medford Slavery Memorial

Students Jenny Lu and Joseph Schmidt paired up with students Liam and Jasmine at the Brooks Elementary School in order to help them with their project, In Honor of Slaves. Many slaves were buried in the Salem Street Burying Ground without a proper grave marker to remember them by. The team put up a commemorative marker and held a memorial service for the forgotten slaves, during which poems were read to commemorate the slaves.