Portfolio tag: McGlynn Middle 2021-2022

Mustang Way Assembly

The McGlynn Middle School CCSR hosted the 4th annual Mustang Way Assembly for the 6th graders. Middle school and High school students shared their stories about what the Mustang Way means to them. They shared the importance of ACE, the Mustang Way and how it is applied to our academics, athletics, and our everyday lives. We were fortunate to hear from 8th graders Vinny DiMartino, Reza Basnet, and Maria Eduadro de Gois. Among the Medford High School student leaders, 8th grader Amy Radzisewski included a piece on the awareness of mental health to tie in with being kind to everyone. The event was hosted by McGlynn 8th graders James Cluggish and Lina Gomez McDonald. These students were chosen because they exemplify the Mustang Way and hold admirable leadership qualities. The 6th graders were able to hear these stories and descriptors of the Mustang Way. The 6th-grade students were then challenged to go forth and demonstrate the Mustang Way so that one day, they can hold the leadership roles of these students.

Veterans Day

Student leaders Audrey Adkins, Ava Dwyer, Nadia Aquil, and Sofia Shanley wanted to educate the community about Veterans Day and thank the veterans in our community. They found a video for teachers to share with their students at the McGlynn Middle School. Students reflected on the importance of Veterans Day and created thank you cards. Students then created cards for our veterans of Medford, which were distributed to the Veterans center at Medford City Hall.

McGlynn Kids Yard Work

Student leaders Luke DiMartino, Chris Gomez McDonald, Finn Manning, Liam Brady, Isaak Hull, and Dominik Branley created an email account, mcglynnkidsyardwork@gmail.com, and hung up flyers around the city offering their yard work services. They reached out to neighbors and community members and began to help right away. In the fall, they helped rake leaves and clean yards. In the winter, they helped shovel snow from walkways and clear cars of snow.

Project Fluffy

Student leaders Thanmaya Aman, Ann Limage, Keziah Diligent, and Amy Wanjiru organized a drive supporting local animal shelters. They were concerned about the number of animals being surrendered as people return to work and realized their lifestyles are not supportive of pet ownership. They supported local animal shelters.