Portfolio tag: Medford High 2017-2018

Diversity Day

Diversity Day is a student run festival in which a day is dedicated to celebrate the diversity and inclusivity of Medford. Cultural singers and performers of all backgrounds are a part of the event, as well as cultural foods and corporations that specialize in diversity and inclusivity in Medford. The first Diversity Day was run on June 2nd of 2018, and the group hopes to have another successful festival in June of 2019.

Multicultural Potluck

The Multicultural Potluck has been held at Medford High School for the past two years as part of Diversity Week, organized by Michael Skorker. The Potluck includes food, games, and music contributed from various clubs of Medford High School, as well as discussions about the importance of diversity and the beauty of Medford’s multicultural and united community.

Humans of Medford

@HumansofMedford on Instagram is mostly focused on individuals in the community of Medford who have been historically marginalized, or are community leaders. Ryleigh takes pictures of the people we interview, posting those pictures to the page along with a short quote from the person’s interview, just like @HumansofNY. The stories these people tell on our page range from why these people love their jobs, to how they met their life partners, to participating in a workers’ strike. @HumansofMedford was made to highlight the diversity of perspectives and lives of our fellow community members, and there are new posts every week! Be sure to check out Humans of Medford and follow them on Instagram! Suggestions for interviews are also appreciated.

Benches for Dugger

As part of the Medford High School Tennis Team, Amishika, Shubhecchha, and Sarah attend practices, trainings, and competitions at a local park near the high school known as Dugger Park. The only problem about the park is that there are no benches, nor any other sitting areas besides the dirt and broken concrete surrounding the tennis courts. They hope to build benches at Dugger Park, and to later expand the project to other local parks in Medford.

ELL Give Back

The goal of this project is to give back to the English Language Learners Program by creating helpful videos for the ELL students. Jenna, Rubia, and Luiza have created a user-friendly website where they post videos in different languages on how to perform tasks around Medford High School. Their current videos include instructions on how to open lockers, obtain bus passes, and submit community service hours. Currently, there are videos in Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish, and Vietnamese. The ELL Give Back is always looking to expand, and if anyone knows how to speak a different language, feel free to reach out to one of the group members.

Black Female Empowerment Workshop

The Black Female Empowerment Workshop provided the young black community in Medford with mentors and role models. The workshop consisted of a series of panels with three successful black women. These speakers talked about their life: the struggles they have faced and the obstacles they had to overcome. With their project workshop, Sarah, Ivy, Kaela, and Gemma hoped that they achieved their goal of empowering the young black women in the Medford community.

Science for Shooting Stars

The Medford Science for Shooting STARS (Science, Technology, and Applied Research) is a STEM enrichment program geared towards exposing local elementary school students to fundamental concepts of biology, physics, and chemistry through hands-on experimentation and demonstrations. After noticing very few opportunities to explore science in elementary and middle school, Maha and Sophie decided to open Medford’s chapter of the STARS program, especially aimed to help young females and underrepresented minorities explore science.

Grief Relief Project

Kylie Truong made a video surrounding the idea of grief and how to handle it through various perspectives. School systems teach how to handle bullying, sexual harassment, violent relationships, so why not grief? The video highlights unique stories of grief among the Medford Community, followed by tips on how to approach certain situations. The majority of the content in the video was based on responses recorded from a survey.

Medford High Speaks and Listens

From consistently finding himself thinking about why people live in turmoil with one another and how the world has gradually grown more hostile, Aaron Olapade was determined to make that unending cycle of life a little better through Medford High Speaks and Listens, a discussion based program. He wanted the students of Medford High to communicate with one another and to have a better understanding about what we, as a community, can do to assist each other with their high school careers. As a person of color, Aaron was concerned about issues in our country and about those who have been underrepresented- leading him to envision making the world a place where people are willing and able to treat all people with the same amount of respect that they would with their family or close friend.

The Hunger Project

The Hunger Project uses local churches as venues for food drives, after which Oxfam Hunger Banquets are held, where members of the community attend and eat for free. The banquet includes a simulation on how different classes of people eat around the world, encouraging participants to think about world hunger and poverty. Through the Hunger Project, Joe, Aldo, Marco, and Harrison also hope to strengthen bonds within the Medford community between people of all backgrounds and ages.

Restorative Justice Initiative

Passionate about the topic of restorative justice, Maya Gomez-Coultas began the Restorative Justice Initiative in the 2016-2017 school year, aiming to promote the idea of repairing harm caused by conflicts rather than focusing on punishments. The initiative is working on building a guide for teachers to understand the principles of restorative justice and implementing them in the classroom. Restorative Justice provides an opportunity for students to talk about all sides of the conflict while still being held accountable for their actions. Maya wants to focus on how each student feels and their personal situations. Her program promotes listening and trust, as well as a better environment for the school. Using restorative justice, she believes, will lessen the risk of future conflict and will benefit everyone in the school.

Plastic Bag Ordinance

The Plastic Bag Ordinance is a project aiming to implement a ban on plastic bags in the city of Medford. The ordinance has been recently introduced to neighboring cities as Cambridge and Somerville, requiring major businesses to charge custmers a minimum fee for each plastic bag used for their purchases. This ordinance encourages citizens to bring their own bags while shopping to not only avoid the plastic bag fee, but to also reduced the usage of plastic bags as a whole, reducing the effects they have on the communities. By implementing their own Plastic Bag Ordinance, the city of Medford would be joining this movement to diminish the impact we have on the world’s environment.

Mustang News

The Mustang News printed edition was restarted by Sebastian Tringale and Matt Carroll in their junior year of 2016-2017. The goal of the newspaper is to give Medford High School students the opportunity to spread the news about their interests and share a variety of opinions that reflect the community's diversity. The editors of the Mustang News hope to bring the Medford community closer together, and help keep students up to date with events!

MHS Murals

Julia Talbot, a 2018 graduate of Medford High, painted four large-scale murals cross the school. The murals in classrooms incorporate the curriculum into the image to bring the material to life. The largest of the four murals can be found in English classroom C309, featuring about 73 influential authors and characters from across the literary canon; another WIP stars Beowulf with an electric guitar.

Free the Pad

The Free the Pad project aims to make menstruation products more accessible for students who need it in Medford High School during the school day. During the 2017-2018 school year, Maya and Willa placed ten separate boxes of pads in different bathrooms. They want to focus on giving free menstrual products to people of all backgrounds, including those from low income families or non-binary students like transgenders that menstruate. Menstruation is a natural occurrence that so many people face; it should not be something that anyone has to hide.

#IncludeAll Project

Include All is a program started by Elizabeth Passanisi and Omayma Bentalha that revolves around including Medford High’s special needs students into regular gym classes. The project involves introducing general education students to special needs students, helping them become more comfortable. Elizabeth and Omayma came up with many activities for physical education that all students are able to participate in that both special needs students and general education students are open to.

Orchards into the Fells

The main goal of Orchard into the Fells is to grow fruit trees outside the school along the pathway up to MHS. The fruit grown would be donated to the cafeteria so that the students would be able to enjoy freshly grown fruit. Along with that, they want to plant flowers along the same path in order to beautify school grounds. The students are working with Ms. Smith, the nutrition specialist at MHS, to make this all possible.

The Coloring Book

The efforts of Jenny Lu and Antonia Collins in CCSR for the 2017-2018 school year were dedicated to the creation and publication of a book called The Coloring Book. The book features poems written by Jenny and short stories based on interviews conducted by Antonia. The theme of The Coloring Book is racial justice, and in it readers can find the struggles, successes, and inspirational perseverance of people of color in and around the Medford community. Those featured in the book represent a variety of ages, races, ethnicities, orientations, beliefs, and experiences, but have in common a factor of themselves that makes aspects of their journeys similar yet very unique. Through The Coloring Book, the authors hope to provide comfort and hope, a sense of community and confidence, for people of color.

The Mustang Map

The transition from middle school to Medford High is difficult enough, and when Jacob, Jasper, and Lorrhan were freshmen, they wished they had access to a map. They established a bird’s eye view of Medford High School, identifying each class by its building and room number, the three cafeterias, the gymnasium, guidance and principal offices, and the bathrooms. There is also a directory of the map which lists every teacher and their respective rooms. The Mustang Map not only benefits our students and teachers, but parents as well during parent-teacher nights. The Mustang Map is now available online for mobile use, thanks to the efforts of Darwin Do.

Education Made Accessible for Kids

For the past ten years, Tsewang, Tia, Nicole, and Shruti have had the opportunity to attend public school every day to receive an education. There are many children, however, who do not have this privilege due to constant hospital visits. By organizing a fundraiser with the elementary and middle schools in Medford and through donations such as money, books, pencils, and other materials, the group has made education a little more accessible by donating their efforts to the Boston Children’s Hospital, making sure that the children are able to receive the same opportunity as them.

PTSD Awareness for Homeless Veterans

This projects works toward making sure that homeless veterans in the Greater Boston Area are aware of the reliable resources and institutions within the city and towns. Brendan and Pema recognize that P.T.S.D. is a life-changing syndrome and that many veterans do not seek help for multiple reasons. They want to do all that they can to help them recover in the best ways by guiding veterans to these resources. In the near future, Brendan and Pema hope to establish partnerships with institutions city wide.

Planets on the Playground

Jessica Dossantos, Jennifer Dossantos, and Lauren Brown focused their efforts for their 2017-2018 CCSR project at the Brooks Elementary School, creating a social space in the courtyard. The theme of the social space is the solar system. The three, along with other helpers, painted all the planets, as well as the sun and the moon, around the playground area. This project is beneficial to the students as well as to the teachers because the students will be more interactive and the teachers will have a way to encourage their students to learn about our world in a more creative way.

MHS Compost

Ebyan, Audrey, and Rachel are working toward reinstating compost bins in the cafeterias. By doing this, they hope to spread environmental awareness and make Medford High School more eco-friendly. They plan on creating a student-run program in Cafeteria 1 with the help of Mr. Tuden, and if that is successful, move the plan up to Cafes 2 and 3. Volunteers will watch over the composting bins during lunch so all food and waste go in their respective bins. The volunteers will monitor the bins during their lunch period so there will be an even distribution of people for both lunch blocks. After school, the group will take the composting bins from the cafeterias and handle them either with an outside company that collects waste or they will install a larger compost bin at one of the courtyards at the school.

As Seen Through Medford

As Seen Through Medford is a book created by Justin Tseng, Sarah Abdulkerim, Tamar Brandes-Krug, and Felipe Oliveira in order to explore the topic of stereotyping in Medford. Members of the Medford community are interviewed about stereotypes they face- whether it is based on race, gender, sexuality, disability, etc. A portrait is paired with a shortened version of the interview in order to better help the reader visualize the person about whom they are reading. This serves to humanize the subjects and better convey their stories. The title sets Medford and its society as a lens through which people view others. This book is important to Medford, especially in such times such as now, because stereotypes hinder societal progress and this book shows how even a forward-looking, diverse city has its flaws as well.

The Crayon Project

The Crayon Project sent school supplies down to schools in Guatemala in order to make it easier for families to send their children to school. Niamh, Haley, and Courtney felt grateful for the educational opportunities they have as teenagers in America, and wanted to extend that same opportunity to children who do not have the resources at hand. They raised awareness for these children through their drive.

Tech Time

Tech Time is a project started by Sandra Figueroa and Meghan Bouchie. The program takes place at the senior center in Medford Square, the Council on Aging. They meet once a month with the seniors and help them use their electronic devices such as phones, laptops, and tablets. As time goes on, technology advances and it is important to keep everyone updated. Many seniors want to keep in touch with their family members through Facebook or email, or simply want to know how to use their new phones. Tech Time helps seniors figure out their electronic devices, and in return, the members get to hear their stories and make friends. Sandra and Meghan chose to do this project because they have seen how their own family members have struggled with new technology and thought that they should help other people in the community.

Mystic River Student Interactive Activity

Students walked behind the Andrews Middle School to the path along the Mystic River. There, students participated in an activity that tests and builds on knowledge of their local ecosystem at the same time doing physical activity that keeps students engaged and learning in the activity. This lesson’s main goal was to inform students of their natural surroundings and make them not afraid to explore, Also, with this newfound curiosity, students will want to protect the forests and will appreciate the gift that we have right outside our door. In the classroom, the students had a lesson about the transfer of energy in living things. When participants headed outside, they drew and took down observations of the organisms they found along the walk. As a class, in a span of fifteen minutes, they found common organisms like garlic mustard, an invasive plant, as well as rarer species like a juvenile peregrine falcon. When the class went back inside, they discussed what they saw and talked about where these organisms would fit in a food chain. At the end, the Mystic River Student Interactive Activity encouraged students to continue to visit the Mystic River and the Middlesex Fells.

The Selfie Project

The Selfie Project is an extension of the Dove Campaign. It is a scaled-back version of the Selfie Project that was done at Medford City Hall in 2013. Its goal is to promote the beauty and diversity of Medford High School and to show that you don’t need a filter to be beautiful; you are beautiful just they way you are. During the 2016-2017 school year, the project was completed at Medford High School byElizabeth Carey and Luiza Barbosa. Students could put their selfie up on a board in the main lobby while other students could write nice complimentary post-it notes next to the selfies. In the 2017-2018 year, Aniya Crump, Joey Leonforte, and Courtney Cutillo took over the Selfie Project.

Got Pus?

Julia Moura and Amanda Oliveira distributed black bean burger samples to their peers as a vegan alternative to hamburgers. The group advocated for including vegan meal options in the school lunch program. As a direct result of their efforts, there is a daily vegan entree option included on the salad bar. Any special side salads will be vegan as well. We discussed creating and advertising signage for vegan items in the cafeterias to consistently identify vegan options. This is still in progress. From discussions with them, they advocated for a salad bar through separate meetings with the Food Service Department and Dr. Perella, and they gathered student body support for a salad bar through a student petition.

Fueling to the Finish Line

Maya and Willa’s project began at the 2017 AdCap Youth event in Boston. AdCap Youth was different groups of students coming together to brainstorm project ideas relating to promoting healthy eating and physical activity within schools. There they workshopped their project with different nutrition specialists and prepared to present it in front of panel of judges. They presented their project, “Feuling to the Finish Line”, and were awarded a $1000 grant. This project involves bringing in a nutritionist to promote healthy eating habits in Medford High School student athletes. They planned with nutritionist Chrissy Carroll to create videos about different themes in nutrition to show different teams in the school. These themes include pre-workout nutrition, hydration, electrolytes, recovery, basic cooking skills and much more. Willa and Maya thought of this project because they have seen the negative effects of not eating right during the sports season on their peers. They believe even a basic understanding of nutrition will improve students’ health, mental state, and sport performance.

Fells Day BBQ

On June 13th after the annual Medford High Fells Day Celebration, CCSR member Mya Winslow and the Fells Educational Partnership (FEP) held an environmentally friendly BBQ. The BBQ was partially funded by Wegmans and used environmentally friendly products in order to lessen the amount of waste produced and spread awareness about conserving resources.

Choke Saver Training

A choking emergency can happen anywhere and at any time. Would you know what to do? Choking is the fourth leading cause of unintentional death in the United States. Choking is the number one cause of death in children. More people die from choking than in fires, non-fire related carbon monoxide poisoning, drowning or accidental shootings. Choking causes over 100,000 visits to the emergency room yearly. Over 100 million Americans have no defense against choking due to pregnancy, disability, obesity or being alone. Be prepared to save someone's life. You could be the reason someone breathes another breath. This CCSR project addresses Medford High School’s ability to become trained in Choke Training. The project group organized three school-wide events for members of the school community to become certified as well as making a public service announcement regarding choking and becoming certified.

Hope Chest

Peter Todhunter’s project for the CCSR is working with the Medford High Hope Chest. The Medford High Hope chest is a program that collects donated materials, such as clothing and school supplies, and gives them out to students of MHS in need of those materials. The program is dedicated to Brianna, a former MHS student who passed away in 2014. This program is all about giving, it takes generous donations from people who may have extra or unused supplies and gives them to some families who are not fortunate to have those supplies themselves. The project is all about supporting the families of Medford and the students who attend the MHS. It is intended to help the students get what they need to make their lives happier and give them the things they need to help them reach their dreams in school and life.

Victory Park Dog Dispensers

As soccer players, Gavin Falvey, Ben Verity, and Marvin Michel have played many games and had many practices on Victory Park. They noticed that it is a popular place for people to walk their dogs, so to improve the community's dog walking experience, they worked to install doggy bag dispensers around the field. This allows dog walkers to easily dispose of their dogs’ waste and also helps the environment and overall appearance of their beloved park.

CCSR Radio

CCSR Radio is a new project founded this year by senior Sebastian Tringale. A new medium of journalism inspired by radio, podcasting is episodes of audio media that can be streamed through the internet; but it is so much more. CCSR Radio tells the story of the club as a whole, as well as amazing, individual stories of students who have molded the world into a better one. In the future, CCSR Radio will be an easy way to encourage, promote, and activate students participation in their community. In ancient times, humans sat around campfires and truly listened to legends, myths, and heroic tales. Today, CCSR Radio will help our community to truly listen to the amazing work of our youth.

CCSR Documentary

For his project, Will Mucci-Riley interviewed current members of CCSR on their 2017-2018 school year projects. He wanted to capture “just how hard our members worked this year in a film”. The final video truly conveys the passion and motivation of each student. The documentary is meant to show just how much CCSR  members care about the community through the time and effort they dedicate to their projects.

Student Environmental Advocates of Medford (Seam)

The Student Environmental Advocates of Medford is a club organizing specific actions in fighting for the local environment. By assembling this group, Maria, Shubhecchha, Rubia, Rachel, Abyan, Mya, and Audrey hope to accomplish various projects throughout the school year and beyond their high school careers. The environment is a powerful part of the society, and its maintenance is paramount, especially in our lives today. SEAM hopes to encourage the community’s maintenance of Mother Earth.

Purple Run

The Purple Run is a planned non-profit 5K walk/run in Medford. The event will raise money for GIST, a rare form of cancer. The goal of this is not only to help fund research for this cancer, but to bring awareness to a disease that little to none know about.

Student Involvement Initiative

Adriana and Francesca’s project is about student involvement. Many Medford High students don’t know the multitude of clubs available to them, so they want to make a source that contains information about them. They are making a website that has information about what clubs the school has, when they meet, and how one can get involved. They want to make a magazine by next year to distribute to the students. Once, they are finished with their website and magazine, they want to start the “Handprint Project”. They want to create a mural in the school, and have people put their handprints with a word or two describing themselves. The goal of this project is to show each person's identity and this will show how diverse our school is.

Andrews-McGlynn Middle School Marching Band

Duncan, Chris, and Michael’s marching band’s project focuses on recruiting Medford middle school students for a small scale marching band. As members of the Medford High School Marching Band, the group witnesses the decline of young students’ interest in music, first hand. They believe that if they can spark the interests of young students, they can spark a flaming passion and curiosity for the ever expanding world of music.

Hurricane Harvey Relief

CCSR senior Stella Eliopoulus's project was to drive donated goods all the way down to Houston, Texas in order to help the victims impacted by Hurricane Harvey.