Portfolio tag: Medford High 2018-2019

Humans of Medford

@HumansofMedford on Instagram is mostly focused on individuals in the community of Medford who have been historically marginalized, or are community leaders. Ryleigh takes pictures of the people we interview, posting those pictures to the page along with a short quote from the person’s interview, just like @HumansofNY. The stories these people tell on our page range from why these people love their jobs, to how they met their life partners, to participating in a workers’ strike. @HumansofMedford was made to highlight the diversity of perspectives and lives of our fellow community members, and there are new posts every week! Be sure to check out Humans of Medford and follow them on Instagram! Suggestions for interviews are also appreciated.

Benches for Dugger

As part of the Medford High School Tennis Team, Amishika, Shubhecchha, and Sarah attend practices, trainings, and competitions at a local park near the high school known as Dugger Park. The only problem about the park is that there are no benches, nor any other sitting areas besides the dirt and broken concrete surrounding the tennis courts. They hope to build benches at Dugger Park, and to later expand the project to other local parks in Medford.

ELL Give Back

The goal of this project is to give back to the English Language Learners Program by creating helpful videos for the ELL students. Jenna, Rubia, and Luiza have created a user-friendly website where they post videos in different languages on how to perform tasks around Medford High School. Their current videos include instructions on how to open lockers, obtain bus passes, and submit community service hours. Currently, there are videos in Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish, and Vietnamese. The ELL Give Back is always looking to expand, and if anyone knows how to speak a different language, feel free to reach out to one of the group members.

Science for Shooting Stars

The Medford Science for Shooting STARS (Science, Technology, and Applied Research) is a STEM enrichment program geared towards exposing local elementary school students to fundamental concepts of biology, physics, and chemistry through hands-on experimentation and demonstrations. After noticing very few opportunities to explore science in elementary and middle school, Maha and Sophie decided to open Medford’s chapter of the STARS program, especially aimed to help young females and underrepresented minorities explore science.

The Hunger Project

The Hunger Project uses local churches as venues for food drives, after which Oxfam Hunger Banquets are held, where members of the community attend and eat for free. The banquet includes a simulation on how different classes of people eat around the world, encouraging participants to think about world hunger and poverty. Through the Hunger Project, Joe, Aldo, Marco, and Harrison also hope to strengthen bonds within the Medford community between people of all backgrounds and ages.

Restorative Justice Initiative

Passionate about the topic of restorative justice, Maya Gomez-Coultas began the Restorative Justice Initiative in the 2016-2017 school year, aiming to promote the idea of repairing harm caused by conflicts rather than focusing on punishments. The initiative is working on building a guide for teachers to understand the principles of restorative justice and implementing them in the classroom. Restorative Justice provides an opportunity for students to talk about all sides of the conflict while still being held accountable for their actions. Maya wants to focus on how each student feels and their personal situations. Her program promotes listening and trust, as well as a better environment for the school. Using restorative justice, she believes, will lessen the risk of future conflict and will benefit everyone in the school.

Free the Pad

The Free the Pad project aims to make menstruation products more accessible for students who need it in Medford High School during the school day. During the 2017-2018 school year, Maya and Willa placed ten separate boxes of pads in different bathrooms. They want to focus on giving free menstrual products to people of all backgrounds, including those from low income families or non-binary students like transgenders that menstruate. Menstruation is a natural occurrence that so many people face; it should not be something that anyone has to hide.

Education Made Accessible for Kids

For the past ten years, Tsewang, Tia, Nicole, and Shruti have had the opportunity to attend public school every day to receive an education. There are many children, however, who do not have this privilege due to constant hospital visits. By organizing a fundraiser with the elementary and middle schools in Medford and through donations such as money, books, pencils, and other materials, the group has made education a little more accessible by donating their efforts to the Boston Children’s Hospital, making sure that the children are able to receive the same opportunity as them.

MHS Compost

Ebyan, Audrey, and Rachel are working toward reinstating compost bins in the cafeterias. By doing this, they hope to spread environmental awareness and make Medford High School more eco-friendly. They plan on creating a student-run program in Cafeteria 1 with the help of Mr. Tuden, and if that is successful, move the plan up to Cafes 2 and 3. Volunteers will watch over the composting bins during lunch so all food and waste go in their respective bins. The volunteers will monitor the bins during their lunch period so there will be an even distribution of people for both lunch blocks. After school, the group will take the composting bins from the cafeterias and handle them either with an outside company that collects waste or they will install a larger compost bin at one of the courtyards at the school.

Tech Time

Tech Time is a project started by Sandra Figueroa and Meghan Bouchie. The program takes place at the senior center in Medford Square, the Council on Aging. They meet once a month with the seniors and help them use their electronic devices such as phones, laptops, and tablets. As time goes on, technology advances and it is important to keep everyone updated. Many seniors want to keep in touch with their family members through Facebook or email, or simply want to know how to use their new phones. Tech Time helps seniors figure out their electronic devices, and in return, the members get to hear their stories and make friends. Sandra and Meghan chose to do this project because they have seen how their own family members have struggled with new technology and thought that they should help other people in the community.

The Selfie Project

The Selfie Project is an extension of the Dove Campaign. It is a scaled-back version of the Selfie Project that was done at Medford City Hall in 2013. Its goal is to promote the beauty and diversity of Medford High School and to show that you don’t need a filter to be beautiful; you are beautiful just they way you are. During the 2016-2017 school year, the project was completed at Medford High School byElizabeth Carey and Luiza Barbosa. Students could put their selfie up on a board in the main lobby while other students could write nice complimentary post-it notes next to the selfies. In the 2017-2018 year, Aniya Crump, Joey Leonforte, and Courtney Cutillo took over the Selfie Project.

Fueling to the Finish Line

Maya and Willa’s project began at the 2017 AdCap Youth event in Boston. AdCap Youth was different groups of students coming together to brainstorm project ideas relating to promoting healthy eating and physical activity within schools. There they workshopped their project with different nutrition specialists and prepared to present it in front of panel of judges. They presented their project, “Feuling to the Finish Line”, and were awarded a $1000 grant. This project involves bringing in a nutritionist to promote healthy eating habits in Medford High School student athletes. They planned with nutritionist Chrissy Carroll to create videos about different themes in nutrition to show different teams in the school. These themes include pre-workout nutrition, hydration, electrolytes, recovery, basic cooking skills and much more. Willa and Maya thought of this project because they have seen the negative effects of not eating right during the sports season on their peers. They believe even a basic understanding of nutrition will improve students’ health, mental state, and sport performance.

Hope Chest

Peter Todhunter’s project for the CCSR is working with the Medford High Hope Chest. The Medford High Hope chest is a program that collects donated materials, such as clothing and school supplies, and gives them out to students of MHS in need of those materials. The program is dedicated to Brianna, a former MHS student who passed away in 2014. This program is all about giving, it takes generous donations from people who may have extra or unused supplies and gives them to some families who are not fortunate to have those supplies themselves. The project is all about supporting the families of Medford and the students who attend the MHS. It is intended to help the students get what they need to make their lives happier and give them the things they need to help them reach their dreams in school and life.

Environmental Awareness

Hi MHS, my name is Audgellyca Ashmarah. It’s a pleasure to be a member of the CCSR. I chose to do a project involving the environment because I want to reform the way we treat our world. I wish to make the our Earth a fantastic place, not necessarily perfect, but my goal is to reignite a true passion for nature within everyone.

Medford's Diversity Day

Diversity Day is a student-run festival, a day to celebrate the diversity and inclusion of Medford. Sarah, Luiza, and Rubia have worked alongside many community members to make the festival as memorable as possible. This year, the event expanded the repertoire of cultural singers and performers of all backgrounds in Medford, as well as cultural foods and corporations that specialize in diversity and inclusion and who also are a big part in Medford. The goal of Diversity Day was for everyone to enjoy the diverse community of Medford and learn something new while at the festival.

The Recycling Initiative

The Recycling Initiative created informational posters for MHS classrooms about recycling. A poster was displayed above each recycling bin in every classroom, which includes a list of what can and cannot be recycled and the possible consequences when waste is not properly disposed. They also put an effort towards getting recycling bins in all the classrooms at Medford High.

Project Little Libraries

Project Little Library is an initiative that was set forth to spread little libraries around the city. They are in a sense mini public libraries, but the catch is there is no need for a library card or fees. You see a book you like in the library? Simply open the door and take it, no questions asked. If you do not like it, just return it or place it in another. Same goes if you do not want a book anymore, just place it in the library and leave it there. The goal is to spread the love of reading and to bring the community together by giving back! Each library has a bulletin board as well as decorations by local charities and schools.

The Mustang Way

This year, a group of students put together a video about the "Mustang Way." which was presented at the Andrews Middle School and the McGlynn Middle School during their Anti-Bullying Assemblies. The video was made with the intention to be presented to other Medford Public Schools in future years. The video was a compilation of clips from students, teachers, and administrators explaining what the "Mustang Way" is and how students should use the "Mustang Way" in their everyday lives.

One Smile Away

The "One Smile Away" campaign collected compliments written over a hundred students at Medford High School. All compliments were sent through a google forum and posted in the main lobby anonymously. Students were able to see who the compliment is for, but not who is was from. The campaign was put forth with the intention to reminder other students that there is always someone out there thinking positively of them.

Transgender Visibility Play

This year, Hannah Rogers wrote a play that focused on transgender visibility. "My goal for this project is to spread awareness about transgender people in an entertaining way. After having a conversation with my friend, I realized that the transgender community is often not discussed and misunderstood." Hannah's primary focus was to work with transgender people to tell a story that will eliminate part of that confusion. Auditions were held in the winter and the play was put on in April.

Painting the Playground

Last year, seniors Jennifer Dossantos, Jessica Dossantos, Lauren Brown, and junior Isabella DeSouza set out to paint the Brooks Elementary School playground using the theme of the solar system. Because of the great success and the fantastic feedback they received, they decided to expand upon their project. This year, the group took their painting project to the Columbus School with the intention to make the playground into a more interactive space where the students could both learn and play together.

Mindfulness Matters

This year, juniors Audrey Moore, Jackie Madigan, Meaghan Sullivan decided to tackle the issue of high school students’ stress levels. It is difficult for teens to find time for themselves while managing school, sports, clubs, and other social activities. Mindfulness is crucial for relaxation and to ease one’s mind. With this in mind, their group put together a “Mindfulness Matters” activity day. After school, all students were invited to listen to relaxing music while making slime or stress balls. This not only was a fun activity for all, but it also allowed students to escape their hectic, everyday schedules and relax.

LGBT Awareness & Yazidis

This year, three seniors set out to help trans youth in the high school by informing teachers in more depth about gender and how to approach the subject. These students encouraged teachers to use gender neutral terms in the classroom, such as “students” instead of “boys and girls,” and use "they" and "them" pronouns if their gender isn't explicitly known, and create a safer environment for trans students. A meeting was held for teachers on how to approach gender in a way that makes transgender students comfortable. "Our goal is to make Medford High a more comfortable environment for transgender students." Along with the transgender awareness project, this group worked on promoting the Yazidis Campaign. "We believe that this is an important worldly issue. Yazidi girls our own age were being trafficked as sex slaves by ISIS, and we would like to raise more awareness about this worldly issue." The started small, spreading posters around Medford High, then proceeding to branch out to three local schools nearby Medford.

Environmental Art of Medford

Seniors Shubhecchha Dhaurali and Niamh Keane were intrigued by artist Fells Day Artist who makes beautiful art pieces and sculptures out of trash people throw away on an everyday basis. To spread awareness of Medford’s carbon footprint and how we are fighting it, they made a Public Service Announcement which included an interview with the artist, their art, and also highlighted other environmental initiatives of Medford.

Epilepsy Awareness

Epilepsy is a medical condition that cause people to have seizures, with or without cause. Many people suffer from this, and there are only so many treatments that work effectively. There is a surgery where the part of the brain where the seizures are located can be removed. This surgery is very expensive, which makes it difficult for those in need of it to have it done. "We hope to spread awareness about Epilepsy because we could all help a lot of people and make their lives better." Sarah Lopez and Olivia and Gianna Fraumeni started a fundraiser at MHS, and all donations went to a charity that provides financial aid for Epilepsy patients undergoing surgery.

Nutrition and Calisthenics: Methods to Start

Nutrition and calisthenics are two undiscussed topics amongst teenagers. To help teach this age group more about the importance of these two concepts, Brandon Vargus created a 9-Part video series that was uploaded onto Youtube."Through this series, I will be able to use my personal experience to effectively teach these topics and provide a foundation for healthy habits." The link was provided to students at the McGlynn Middle School.

Black and Pink

Prisons throughout the U.S. incarcerate people of color at alarming rates and grossly mistreat and abuse LGBTQ+ prisoners. To combat this injustice, Senior Antonia Collins collaborated with the organization Black and Pink to write letters to queer prison inmates of color. "Many of the mail’s recipients have been abandoned by their families because of their sexual orientation or gender identities, and thus receive no mail on days when many other inmates get visits, calls, or letters from family." A day was hosted by the Black and Pink organization at Medford High School in which all students were welcomed to come after school and write letters. After the activity, Black and Pink sent all of the letters to their respective prisons and the individual inmates have received them.

The High School Experience

This year, senior Mikhayla Rothermel took on bridging the gap between students and those around them. The High School Experience is a collection of poems that dive deep into the struggles and experiences of high school students. These poems detail what students wish their teachers, parents, and peers knew about them, in order to make their day at school, or at home, better. "I hope that students will be able to relate to these poems and help not only them, but their teachers and parents as well".

PTA Babysitting

This year, four seniors focused their efforts on the youth that come to PTA meetings. They noticed that oftentimes children are obligated to come and sit in on meetings with their parents, which is difficult for both parties. There are also situations where kids are not able to stay at home because of a lack of a babysitter or other reasons. "We wanted to provide a space for those that have nothing to do during these meetings where their time can be occupied by some means." Be it physical activity or another form or recreation, they provided a free, volunteer-based babysitting program for the children of the PTO.

Medford Murals: Who is Medford?

This year, Gabrielle Yamamoto and Tenzin Dhesel sought out to capture just who Medford was, is, and will be through a series of murals that express Medford’s history, culture, and most importantly, the people. "Our mission statement is to bring Medford into a new age through public beautification."

Medford High Electric Cars

Inspired by all the electric Tesla cars, Zain Saleem, Nico Casamassima, and Ben Whalen set out to make the option to buy an electric car more appealing and cost effective for those who attend and visit Medford High. They installed an electric car charger just outside of Bistro 489. "We realized that if we installed the charger near the restaurant it would be a great success and more appealing for customers who want to visit the Bistro, but are worried about having enough electricity to make it back home."

Unheard Voices

This year, seniors Daria Agrba, Ximena Valderrama, Meghan Smith, Kim Sinthara decided to donate their voices. There are millions of people that do not have an ability to express themselves verbally and use computer generated voice to do it for them. "We want to be part of the organization that gives people a choice of the voice to make it more personal." People with various backgrounds would be able to record themselves and give someone a voice. This year, they did their part in recording various words and phrases, each giving someone a voice. In turn, they helped to spread the idea around the community and got others involved as well.

Friendly Interactions

With a focus on senior citizens, Ben Verity, Galvin Falvey, and John Falco traveled to a nursing home to talk, spend time, and have fun with the elderly. "We feel that many senior citizens do not get the chance to see their families every day, and we wish to combat the extreme loneliness that may come from few interactions with people." The group visited the nursing home bi-weekly with the intention of spreading happiness. "It may be a small project, but it certainly brings a smile to everyone's face, including ours." The group also intended to create a lasting impact within the senior citizen community, leaving an opportunity for others to visit the senior center in the years to come.

The Food Pantry Project

Seniors Lauren Parziale and Ryan Heard gathered donations for the food pantry held at St. Francis Church every Thursday from 2:30-4:30. The food pantry is separate from the church, therefore all donations went directly to future events. The food pantry helps the citizens of Medford who have a hard time affording their own groceries. Any donation or purchase from the future fundraisers would be greatly appreciated, especially during the holiday seasons.

Schoogle Maps

As a continuation of the project that Jasper Su and Darwin Do started last year, a new group set out to make maps to guide new people in Medford High School. With the intention to reduce as much confusion and panic when navigating through the Mustang halls, the group built off the hard work started by the Mustang Map and expanded to include the vocational school and added landmarks that made way for easier navigation. These maps were customized and put up around the school, similar to the maps in malls.

Annual CCSR Dinner Party

With exponential growth of the CCSR, Nicole Chin felt that all the hard work the students and faculty of the organization put forth during the year needed to be celebrated. Therefore, she held the first Annual Dinner for all members and their families this year. The Annual Dinner highlighted the members and the hard work they have done throughout the year. All family members were invited as well Alongside the dinner, Nicole also held fundraisers at local restaurants from time to time as a way of supporting CCSR and their funds.

Make My Watershed

The Make My Watershed project focused on redirecting runoff water into a community garden. With the help of other students and faculty, the group pooled its efforts to make the best out of the rainwater that runs down the hill that the high school sits on top of. Before the watershed was installed, runoff would carry pollution into the drainage systems, which empties out in our local Mystic River.

The Problem Solving Wheel

This year, Amine Nazih, Lucy Grehan, and Nicolas DaSilva set out to create a program at the McGlynn Elementary School that helped promote proper ways to approach a problem. The three painted a problem solving wheel at the Elementary School which serves as a reference for the students on on how to solve everyday problems.

Thanksgiving Baskets

This year, the Le Club Glou-Glou (the sound a turkey makes in French) continued a project the French 2 Honors class started in 2017. During the holidays, many families find themselves with limited resources to provide for their household, specifically with holiday-themed meals. "At Thanksgiving, when we gather with our families to give thanks and be grateful for what we have, many of our fellow students may not have this opportunity. We hope to help our own Medford High School families take part in a proper and festive Thanksgiving meal." This student-run project, provided multiple families with a basket full of everything needed for a Thanksgiving meal, in hopes that it would bring their families together and give them the opportunity to take part in the national American holiday.

MHS Bathroom Beautification

The Bathroom Beautification Project was created as a result of the myriad of complaints on the condition of the girls bathroom on the second floor. Our female students were appalled by the condition of the bathroom everytime they used it. The group decided to change that and give the bathrooms at MHS a face lift. Along with cleaning up the restroom stalls, the girls added inspirational and encouraging words on the walls. "We hope our words will help inspire and encourage some of our students, and yes! even in the ladies bathroom." Throughout the year, students painted the walls and bathroom stalls; added inspirational and encouraging words and quotes; and provided suicide-prevention information.

Give Boston a Clif

The Give Boston a Clif project focuses on providing Kind and Clif bars to the Boston area shelters. In order to achieve this goal, students Alecia Knight and Teisha Joseph will fundraise money to buy the nutrition bars which were donated directly to the shelters for the winter. Additionally, the two students received donations of bars directly from local businesses. Kind and Clif bars are a known source of fiber and a convenient source of nutrition. "Not only do we want to share a tasty meal with the people of Boston, but also inform them that nutritional benefits come in multiple flavors."

McGlynn Middle School: Anti-Bullying and Veterans

MHS Students Brittany Awad and Laura Silva volunteered their time to help out the kids at the McGlynn Middle School's CCSR Program. "We help the CCSR kids with their projects and show them how to create them" During the CCSR meetings, the two students gave guidance to two groups, one focused on anti-bullying and the other on honoring the veterans.

Bettering Borders: No Immigrant Forgotten

This year, students Kathleen Campbell and Mariana Plata organized donations that were sent to a nonprofit shelter on the border of Mexico. "Many families that are trying to get through immigration or are rejected must stay in these facilities. We feel it is our responsibility to help these individuals through their struggles."

Medford for Team Earth: Lunch Bags

This year, students Drexel Osborne and Madha Mankekar collected donations of lunch bags to give to students in Medford and eliminate the brown bag use in our schools. "We are strong advocates for the environment and all it has provided for us. We believe the environment doesn't deserve to be neglected and ignored." By using donated lunch bags, they were able to reduce the energy and resources needed to produce brown paper bags, as well as spreading awareness on the importance of saving and advocating for our planet.

Brooks Elementary School's Environmental-Safe Fun

For her CCSR project, Erin Tan created a fun, interactive program for students at the Brooks Elementary School that educated them about their environment. "I hope to inspire the youth of Medford to grow in their interest for the community and interact with their environment in a fun way."

Community Concerts

This year, musically talented students Isabelle and Arielle Bezerra held community concerts in Medford. "When we were looking for a way to give back to our community, we thought about what we were truly passionate about." Following their passion of music, they performed for the elderly at the local nursing homes and hospitals in Medford Square. "We want to share the gift of live music and fun with them, but also just spend time and interact with the people and bring them joy as well."

Cleaning Up Macdonald Park

Distraught by all the litter they saw during their cross country practices, students Samuel Cluggish and Stefan Langshur ventured out to Macdonald park and picked up all of the plastic that was littering the waterfront area. In addition, they cleared out the area of excess sticks and dirt that has accumulated over the years, which allows for a cleaner environment for all the people who already frequent the park, and hopefully encourages more people who do not already to enjoy what it has to offer to come and explore.

Toys for Tanzania

This year, students Kaliyah Sautier and Victoria Macaluso raised money for the children living in an impoverished village in Tanzania. With the money they raised, they bought and donated toys for the children, as well as canned food and clothing for the families.

Diversity Lesson Plan

Every year, the McGlynn Elementary School hosts an Ethnic Pride Week to teach children about the importance of their cultural background and learn to be accepting of others for their own cultures. This year, students Tia Belotte and Shruti Sood created a lesson plan centered around diversity and taught four classes of third graders during their week of ethnic pride. They played "diversity bingo" and had conservations with the students which taught them facts about countries around the world and learned about the cultures that can be found in the community as well.

The Toy Hope Project

This past winter, Nouha Elyazidi ran a toy drive for the Boston Children's Hospital. "The children in the Boston Children’s Hospital already have such a hard time dealing with their illnesses and it would be great to put a smile on their faces." Nouha set out to do her part in making sure everyone had a happy and joyous holiday season by gathering and delivering toys to the children at BCH just in time for the holidays.

Adopt, Don't Shop

In order to combat the chains of pet stores that receive animals from mass breeders who mistreat them, a group of students started the Adopt, Don't Shop campaign. "Some breeders perform experiments on their animals, like seeing what freezing temperatures they can withstand. The pet stores know this, and still continue to buy their animals from them. We want to spread awareness to what you’re doing if you buy an animal from a pet store." These students set out to educate the public on a better alternative, adopting from a rescue. In addition to raising awareness, the group raised funds for rescues shelters so they could take in more animals instead of them being forced to go into chain pet stores. They also made animal toys and treats and donated supplies to local rescues, including Kitty Connection, Animal Rescue League of Boston, and the MSPCA.

Merrimack Disaster Relief

On Thursday, September 13th, a series of gas explosions imploded throughout the towns of Lawrence, North Andover and Andover. There was one fatal casualty and over 25 others injured. The initial explosions and subsequent fires affected over 40 homes. Many families were forced to evacuate without a chance to grab their necessities. After hearing about this disaster, students Tia Belotte and Nicole Chin collected donations from around the Medford community, receiving $405 in checks and over 200 bags of donations of blankets, socks and other needs. On Sept. 21, Nicole, her parents and Mr. Skorker rented a U-Haul truck, drove to Lawrence and dropped off the donations to Lawrence Senior Center and Debbie’s Treasure Chest.

Medford Police Fundraiser

This year, seniors Brendan McCusker and Sofia DiMeo ventured out to raise money for the Medford police station. A community day was held for the Medford police, family, friends, and supporters in the community. "The police station does not have much money for funding. We want to change that." Throughout the year, the students contacted as multiple local businesses to donate food and resources for the event. Their intent was to bring the community together as one and shine a light on how important our policemen are to Medford.

Save the Pollinators Campaign

“Save the Pollinators” is a campaign aimed to spread awareness about the decreasing population of pollinators due to pollution and pesticides. Seniors Echo Heinze and Megan Hanlon set out to educate people about the importance of pollinators (bees in particular) and why they are necessary to our environment. They held an event at Medford High after school that educated the community about the importance of pollinators and worked to house a wild beehive box at Medford High School. "It is a warm, safe box with small tunnels for solitary bees to hibernate and live inside. These bees do not make comb or honey, so the only maintenance required is to ensure that the box remains in good condition." The two also created candles, crayons, and other beeswax products from their own honey bees’ wax to increase enthusiasm surrounding pollinators, and spread information about pollinator protection around the Medford community. City buildings were provided with contact information of beekeepers willing to rescue wild bee hives that must be removed in order to protect bees from extermination.

Songs for Social Justice

This year, Medford Calling students collaborated with the CCSR to host an event focused on music that addresses social issues. Students and teachers from both groups met weekly to research songs from the present and past that address social issues and compile them into playlists. Students partook in songwriting sessions focused on social justice issues with a focus on incorporating other creations inspired by artists or songs that focus on social justice issues. The students also learned to play songs by other artists that focus on social issues and performed them for the student body. "We hope to shine light on key issues that are highlighted in pop culture and bring them to the student population."

Charity Soccer Tournament

This year, senior Marco MacElhiney and sophomore Joey Ruemenapp combined their passions by hosting a student and staff charity soccer tournament within the high school to raise funds for a village in Ethiopia. "We think this is a great community experience to show school pride, play soccer, and at the same time fundraise for a good cause." The village they fundraised for recently went through a drought, so all money went towards providing water, supplies, and more for the people.

Diversity Week

With the political and national development over recent years, culture and diversity have become pertinent aspects in today’s societies. Diversity Week in Medford High School was run completely by Medford CCSR students, aimed towards uniting the Medford community. This project aimed to highlight Medford's rich culture and provide both organizations and students an opportunity to connect with each other. Medford is unique among other surrounding towns and cities, with representation hailing from Brazil, Tibet, Italy, Ireland, China, Germany, Japan, Haiti, Spain, Vietnam, and many other countries. Throughout the week, the CCSR ran activities and events that give students the opportunity to bond, educate peers on their own cultural background, and learn from others and their cultures. Some of this years events included a Community Fair, a special guest panel, and a special movie showing of "Crazy Rich Asians".

One Sapling at a Time

On Friday, December 7th, we had the opportunity to plant 10 Asian Pear trees, 10 blackberry bushes, and 10 raspberry bushes. Sophomore CCSR students Caelee Bouley, Prabidhi Rana, Emily Gaddy, and Jenna Matarazzo; and Sophomore Biology students Dorvelt Edouard, Henrique Ramos, Gabriela Papst Luiz, and Jose Avelar Serrano were able to assist in the planting. The students planted 3 of the 10 trees and all 10 blackberry bushes. We are continuing the project by creating a simple, low cost outdoor classroom space that teachers will be able to use to integrate the courtyard orchard and garden with their lessons. The classroom has Headmaster approval for a feasibility trial to start in May 2019.

Medford Slavery Memorial

Students Jenny Lu and Joseph Schmidt paired up with students Liam and Jasmine at the Brooks Elementary School in order to help them with their project, In Honor of Slaves. Many slaves were buried in the Salem Street Burying Ground without a proper grave marker to remember them by. The team put up a commemorative marker and held a memorial service for the forgotten slaves, during which poems were read to commemorate the slaves.