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Art for Others

This group of first graders was happy to take a paintbrush in hand and create a way in order to provide happiness for someone else. The goal of this group was to paint on canvases provided by the nonprofit group Art for Hospice. They first decided on where their art would be donated. Most students quickly chose to honor veterans at the Soldier’s Home in Chelsea, MA. A few students made it known that their preference was to have their artwork given to ill residents at a local hospice center. The students worked hard over many weeks designing, sketching and finally painting on the 11×14 canvases, with the help of PTG volunteer moms Renee Hanley and Vanessa Amero. Additionally, students created cards to accompany their artwork telling about themselves and the inspiration for their work.

Project done by John Amero, Cayden Hanley, Francy Hayes, Daniel Luo, Brenna Munyon, Benjamin Rudolph, Jayden Zheng, Lacey Green, Suham Shrestha, Sophie Levene, Kahlan Doshi-Rice, Isaiah Nicholson, Keren Diligent