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Bracelets for Breast Cancer

In 2020, 6th graders Ben Tuco, Ryan Mabardi, and Josh Lemotte created their own Medford-themed, breast cancer bracelets to raise awareness and money for breast cancer. Bracelets were sold to the AMS community for $1. They quickly sold out of their bracelets and earned $135 in profits. The group immediately ordered more bracelets, but due to COVID, they were not able to finish the project. Fast forward to 2021, 6th graders Mia LaPorte, Nate Burns, and Maria Clara Araujo continued to sell the bracelets and earned $250. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of these students, CCSR was able to donate $385 to the Ellie Fund, a charity organization that provides assistance to breast cancer patients residing in/or receiving treatment in Massachusetts. 

Project Done By: Ben Tuco, Ryan Mabardi, Josh Lemotte, Mia LaPorte, Nate Burns, and Maria Clara Araujo