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CCSR Website Team

These inquisitive and tech-savvy 2nd-graders decided to try their hand at developing and maintaining a web page for McGlynn Elementary CCSR. These students took time to interview each of the other groups and write brief summaries of what each group is doing. When done, they typed up their summaries, which then got copied and pasted into a GoogleSite set up by MHS CCSR Webmaster Darwin Do. The Website Team was also responsible for web page photography; in fact, many of the group photographs in these write-ups were taken by members of the Website Team! These students got to learn the new skill of web page design, while also documenting CCSR’s hard work.

Project done by Olivia Hamilton, Roza Sadowska, Andrew Colbert, Lillian Barabino, Mimi Twiddy, Thawany DeBarros, Isabelle Schiavone, Zoë Fernandez, Leonardo Hernandez