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Common Ground

Common Ground was an inclusive collaboration class between the Diversity and Enrichment class and Mrs. Goldberg’s class which met twice during a six-day week. This project has been active for 3 years which has created ever-lasting friendships between both classes. Common ground took place in Mrs. Goldberg’s classroom (A210), the Life Skills Classroom at Medford High School. All activities were collaboratively planned by students from the Diversity and Enrichment class and Mrs. Goldberg. Students both with and without disabilities participated in hands-on, interactive activities that promote teamwork to help build relationships among peers. Some of the activities included; interactive hello’s, marshmallow towers, slime making, getting-to-know-you Jenga, and painting!

Project Done By: Cindy Nguyen, Rayssa Braga, Lorena Ferreira, and Khushi Kaur