Diversity Week

Diversity Week is a school-wide event where diversity and different cultures are recognized and celebrated. For each day of the week, diversity-related activities are organized and all students and faculty can take part.  The aim of Diversity Week is to encourage acceptance and appreciation of different cultures through interaction, discussion, and collaboration. In past years, Diversity Week has included screenings of movies featuring other cultures, panels from the GSA and other community groups, and Diversity Dress Up day, when everyone is encouraged to wear clothing that they feel is representative of them and their background. Diversity Week has also featured the World Cafe in conjunction with Interact Club, where students can discuss world issues. In addition, Diversity Week incorporates an annual Community Fair, in which students can meet community organizations and school clubs and get more involved in the community. Hopefully, Diversity Week can help make students better community members and world citizens.

Project Done By: Maggie Tseng, Ebyan Abshir