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Middlesex Fells Narrative

The Community Conservation Education Partnership (CCEP) is an organization that works to connect Medford High School students and faculty to the Middlesex Fells Reservation through a wide range of activities. Their newsletter is distributed to the faculty of Medford High School monthly to show was is going on with the Fells, benefits of using the Fells, and people who talk about how the Fells can be utilized in everyday school activities. Julia and Megan focused on interviewing someone who strongly believes in the use of the Middlesex Fells and someone who only seeks the best of everyone around them. They interviewed John Galusi and asked him questions about himself and how he views the Fells. Then, they composed an article with the information we collected, and it will be featured in the CCEP newsletter of January 2017. Their purpose in writing this was to show their fellow students what nature has to offer and how lucky they are to be able to attend school surrounded by the Fells. Julia and Megan wanted to help incorporate the Fells into the everyday lives of the students and faculty because studies have shown being around nature has a long list of benefits.

Listen to the interview below

Project done by Megan MacGilvray and Julia Galebach