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Haitian Flag Day

For Keshana Paul and Sagine Magliore’s project, “Haitian Flag Day,” they worked with many MHS students, Mr. Skorker, and Ms. Pierre Paul to plan the annual, district wide, Haitian Flag Day Celebration. This celebration consists of an informational and entertaining video that educates students on the importance of Haitian Flag Day, and how the holiday is celebrated. What makes it a district wide celebration, is that along with multiple students, they go to the other Medford schools, and educate the younger students. This occurs via loudspeaker, or a presentation for the students. After going around to the other schools an assembly (split into small sections) is held for the MHS student body, where the video is played, and we further educate MHS about Haitian culture. At the end of the day all are welcome to a small celebration with music and Haitian food! The goal of this project is to help others further understand the importance of Haitian Flag Day. 

Project Done By: Keshana Paul, Sagine Magloire