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Halloween Activities

These student leaders wanted to beautify Medford High School by decorating all the cafeterias to celebrate Halloween. They also set up three different activities for students to participate in Plastic Ghost Cups, Pipe Cleaner Spiders, and Painting Wooden Structures. The painting was the most popular and many students painted their own designs onto the variety of wooden structures such as ghosts and dinosaurs. The students decorated the cafeteria with wall hanging decorations, small figures (such as rats and skulls), caution tape, etc. The goal of this project was to spread the spirit of Halloween since many students were dressing up in costumes, getting photos taken, and participating in a costume contest. They aimed to create an environment for students to celebrate the holiday with their friends and peers.

Project Done By: Brendan Canavan, Daniel Reevior, Juliana Melo, Julie DesAutels, Marianna Konstantara, and Sumaya Orni