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Homeless Care Packages – 2

This group of enterprising first graders wanted to help children and adults that were facing homelessness. They brainstormed a list of supplies that they believed would be helpful and also did a little computer research to come up with more ideas, with the help of PTG mom Renee Hanley. They decided that they would like to raise the money to purchase sample sizes of essential supplies that they could donate. The first graders came up with the idea of having a “decorate a bookmark” table at lunches for a week. They made the blank bookmarks and worked at the table assisting peers in bookmark designs. They combined forces with a few other groups and raised over $140! Many supplies were purchased, bagged and donated to the local homeless shelter.

Project done by Suham Shrestha, Francy Hayes, Andrew McLendon, Keren Diligent, Sophie Levene, Benjamin Rudolph, John Amero, Daniel Luo, Isaiah Nicholson, Cayden Hanley, Cohen Giddy