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Homemade Cat and Dog Toys

These resourceful 3rd-5th grade students wanted to do something to help animals in shelters, and together we came up with the idea to make some homemade pet toys to donate! We contacted the Volunteer Coordinator at Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem, who we’ve worked with in past years, for ideas. She sent us several sets of instructions for homemade pet toys using objects you can find around the house. The students brought the materials in, and spent the next several weeks making cat and dog toys from materials like tennis balls, socks, plastic bottles, and fabric strips.

Students: Andressa DaSilva, Gabriela DaSilva, Kaylee Mangold, Karishma Shankerganesh, Annika Kumar, Heba Elshaari, Anayah Charles-Forgie, Ann Limage, Tin Lam, David Paige, Gavin Bailey, Andrew Colbert, Zion Bennett

Not pictured: Pamela Camishi, Domenic Iraci