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Have you ever seen @HumansofNY on Facebook or Instagram? @HumansofNY is an account created by a photographer, Brandon Stanton, who lives in New York. This man walks the streets and asks strangers, “What’s your story?”, then posts a snippet of their response along with their picture. Steven Spires and Molly Stroud, recent graduates of Medford High, adapted @HumansofNY to Medford, with Ryleigh Mclaughlin taking over the page her junior year. @HumansofMedford on Instagram is mostly focused on individuals in the community of Medford who have been historically marginalized, or are community leaders. Ryleigh takes pictures of the people we interview, posting those pictures to the page along with a short quote from the person’s interview, just like @HumansofNY. The stories these people tell on our page range from why these people love their jobs, to how they met their life partners, to participating in a workers’ strike. @HumansofMedford was made to highlight the diversity of perspectives and lives of our fellow community members, and there are new posts every week! Be sure to check out Humans of Medford and follow them on Instagram! Suggestions for interviews are also appreciated.

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Project done by Ryleigh McLaughlin