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The Great Kindness Challenge is a challenge taken by schools and youth groups to perform as many acts of kindness as possible over the course of the week. The mission of the Great Kindness Challenge is to create a school environment where all students thrive. Below are the different activities that were organized to celebrate kindness.

Kindness Challenge Skit

9 CCSR students helped create and present a skit at The Great Kindness Challenge Kick-off!

Project done by Sophia Simao, Mary Schmidt , Maggie Fowler, Keren Degand, Leyla Degand, Faith Ellerbee, Nathan Quinn, and Kate Fowler

Kindness Posters

8 CCSR students created Kindness posters to hang in the hallways during Kindness Week

Project done by Kate Fowler, Evie McGoldrick, Lotte Ribisel, Sydney Valauskas, Juno Rushford, Paulo Gomes Sousa, Delilah and Orien Atwelll

Kindness Café Lunch

Students sold pizza and salad to teachers during Kindness week. $150 was donated to the Boston Rescue Mission.

Project done by Sophia Simao, Nathan Quinn, Keren Degand, Leyla Degand