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LGBT History in the Classroom

The goal of Lila D’Antonio and Ellie Hunt’s project was to diversify the history taught here at Medford High by including aspects of LGBTQ+ history. LGBTQ+ people have always existed and have always been an important part of history, yet many people still don’t know much about the community’s past. By looking at the curriculums in place for the history classes at Medford High, Lila and Ellie selected events, people, and places from queer history that fit with the topics that are already covered. From there, they met with history teachers and the director of the humanities department to make LGBTQ+ history a permanent part of the curriculum. They hope that by doing this queer teens will be able to see themselves in history and find role models, as well as helping to educate everyone about the rich, beautiful history of the LGBTQ+ community.

Project Done By: Lila D’Antonio, Ellie Hunt