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Look Up Challenge

At the McGlynn Middle School, the CCSR initiated the schoolwide LookupChallenge. The challenge originated from Ms. Susan Reynold’s presentation on December 4th, “Thriving in the Age of Digital Distraction,” at the McGlynn where both Susan and Principal Tucci challenged all of the students to participate. LookUp.live is a non-profit startup whose mission is to support youth designed solutions for technology and real life balance. Over the course of the past few years, McGlynn Middle School students have been challenged to reflect upon how they can take a more balanced approach with their use of technology. The award winning film Screenagers has been shown to students at the school and students have engaged in discussions in their WIN block homerooms on the topic of screen-time in their lives. 

Over the course of two days, the McGlynn Middle School had 125 participants join the challenge. CCSR students made announcements on the McGlynn Morning Show, encouraging their peers to challenge themselves to limit their use of screen time over the course of the week. Chromebooks were available for students to register for the challenge during lunches.

Project Done By: Lila Armit. Mia Armit, Kaitlyn Alves, Caroline Gomez McDonald, Allie Hopper