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MHS Bathroom Beautification

The Bathroom Beautification Project was created as a result of the myriad of complaints on the condition of the girls bathroom on the second floor. Our female students were appalled by the condition of the bathroom everytime they used it. The group decided to change that and give the bathrooms at MHS a face lift. Along with cleaning up the restroom stalls, the girls added inspirational and encouraging words on the walls. “We hope our words will help inspire and encourage some of our students, and yes! even in the ladies bathroom.” Throughout the year, students painted the walls and bathroom stalls; added inspirational and encouraging words and quotes; and provided suicide-prevention information.

Project done by Marie Nyland, Ana Claudia Alves, Kamila Martins, Momeena Zayma, Jenna Matarazzo, Elizabeth Carey, Brenna Lawlor, Alison Ditucci, Lacey Intoppa, Liana Curcio