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Missituk Elementary Cleanup

One of the first missions the Missituk CCSR went to work on was cleaning up the school grounds. The group organized a Fall Clean-Up Day for the Missituk (it was later canceled) but they were able to assist the custodial staff in ensuring the playground areas and the park surrounding our school remained clean. They scheduled daily walks around the property and were able to remove many bags of trash from the property. They had these signs created as well, and the students have really taken a lot of pride in keeping Missituk Elementary clean. The group will be scheduling more clean-up events once the weather is warmer! 

Project Done By: Sydney Valauskus, Leah Hershkowitz, Philip Catanzano, Gloria Babish, Liam McCurdy, Sara Babish, Roxie Little, Avery Farber, Evan Hershkowitz, Sam Falise, Sophie Kellogg, Sofie Nowitz, Evelyn Willwerth (and others that were not photographed)