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Mustang Way Assembly

The CCSR hosted a virtual Mustang Way Assembly for the 6th graders. Middle school and high school students shared their stories about what the Mustang Way means to them. They shared the importance of ACE, the Mustang Way and how it is applied to school and our everyday lives. We were fortunate to hear from 8th graders MaryKate Brady  and Trey Flaherty and high school student leaders Aidan Barry, Stephan Langshur, Ava Heinegg and Liza Lopes. The event was hosted by 8th grader Davianna Viega, and included guest speakers, Tufts Baseball players and the radio voice of the New England Patriots, Bob Socci. The Tufts baseball players spoke about their education and involvement with racial equity, inspiring 6th grade students to stand up for what they believe in. Bob Socci challenged the students to find role models, and represent the Mustang Way.

Project Done By: Davi Viega & Trey Flaherty & MaryKate Brady