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Nursing Through Music

Nursing through Music is a project aimed to bring a greater variety of entertainment and activities to members of the Medford Rehabilitation & Nursing Center. Three students from Medford High School, Erin Tan, Christina Zheng, and Katharine Schmidt, made visits to the nursing center once a month to give both solo and trio performances of classical music. Listening to music is proven to reduce stress and contribute to psychological well-being, and provide many other benefits, which is the end goal of this project. The group includes a cellist, pianist, and violinist, which is a standard trio, making a wide range of repertoire available. Each of the group members also has previous experience in classical music, and played solos as well as trios to give the maximum variety to their performances. This project allows student musicians to build community and bring music to members of the Medford Rehabilitation & Nursing Center while also gaining valuable experience in performing music in front of an audience.

Project Done By: Katharine Schmidt, Erin Tan, Christina Zheng