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Polystyrene (Styrofoam) Ban

This project is working to enact a Polystyrene foam, commonly known as Styrofoam, ban in the food industry service of the City of Medford. Polystyrene is harmful to our environment and health, negatively impacting wildlife and ecosystems. Ellie, along with others, created a petition with over 1,200 signatures in support of this. She’s spoken in front of City Council twice, once in 2020 and once in 2021, and has received unanimous support to review an ordinance banning Polystyrene in a Committee of the Whole. In February 2022, she plans to present at the Committee of the Whole meeting and move forward with this effort. She hopes to ban polystyrene and move to more reusable, recyclable materials available in the city of Medford. She wants to make a lasting impact on our community and improve the environment by working with local and possibly state governments. 

Project Done By: Ellie Hunt