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Rock Garden

For our CCSR project this year, we are creating three colorful take-one-leave-one rock gardens around the neighborhood. We think that this project will benefit the Medford community by raising the spirits of citizens during quarantine. Since stress levels are high because of the pandemic, our goal is to provide calming spaces where people can see rocks made by their neighbors and friends. Painting rocks is very relaxing, so participating in this activity will help lower the stress brought on by the world’s current situation. Many political and societal uproars have taken place this year, and we aim to pull people away from their troubles and help them relax. The gardens themselves are cheerful and brightly colored, and the rocks are painted with fun and uplifting designs to help lighten the mood of anyone who walks past. We think that this project will uplift both kids and adults in our community throughout these turbulent times. 

Project Done By: Maggie Fowler & Sofia Green