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Save the Pollinators Campaign

“Save the Pollinators” is a campaign aimed to spread awareness about the decreasing population of pollinators due to pollution and pesticides. Seniors Echo Heinze and Megan Hanlon set out to educate people about the importance of pollinators (bees in particular) and why they are necessary to our environment. They held an event at Medford High after school that educated the community about the importance of pollinators and worked to house a wild beehive box at Medford High School. “It is a warm, safe box with small tunnels for solitary bees to hibernate and live inside. These bees do not make comb or honey, so the only maintenance required is to ensure that the box remains in good condition.” The two also created candles, crayons, and other beeswax products from their own honey bees’ wax to increase enthusiasm surrounding pollinators, and spread information about pollinator protection around the Medford community. City buildings were provided with contact information of beekeepers willing to rescue wild bee hives that must be removed in order to protect bees from extermination.

Project done by Echo Heinze, Megan Hanlon