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Snuffle Mats For Shelter Dogs

Inspired by the pet toy project from the Fall Session, these 3rd-and 1st-graders decided they wanted to put their do-it-yourself skills to use and craft even more homemade toys for shelter animals. They decided on a toy called a snuffle mat, made with anti-fatigue rubber mats and scraps of fleece. The fleece strips get tied into the holes of the rubber mat, and then owners can hide dog treats in the fleece strips for their dogs to dig around and find! Over the course of the next few weeks, they made 3 large snuffle mats, along with some construction paper fans for kittens and cardboard tube treat dispensers for cats.

Students-Grade 3: Salwa Naser, Lillian Barabino, Saffron Jacobs, Lily Teixeira, Andressa DaSilva, Gabby DaSilva, Ashley Teixeira

Students-Grade 1: Laylah Zamora, Adam Iagoupov, Alyssa Kumar, Sophie Bortoloni, Piettra Louro, Surya Doshi-Rice, Ava Moylan