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Sticky Notes of Kindness

The 1st-graders of CCSR, with the guidance of parent volunteer Reneé Hanley, wanted to put a smile on every McGlynn Elementary student’s face. That’s why they spent the session diligently decorating enough sticky notes to stick on the lockers of every student in the school! They worked on a different grade each week, from Kindergarten through Grade 5, and then the final week of the session they canvassed the whole school, placing a uniquely designed sticky note on each locker. When everyone came in the following morning, students from Kindergarten through Grade 5 were overjoyed to discover handmade sticky notes with kind sayings and whimsical drawings adorning their lockers! Notes included sayings such as “live, laugh, love,” “be happy,” and “you are smart,” along with drawings of flowers, unicorns, smiley faces, and more! It was amazing for the 1st-graders to get to see the whole school so excited by their kind gesture.

Students: Piettra Louro, Surya Doshi-Rice, Ada Ozkucur, Ava Moylan, Alyssa Kumar, Keira Giddy, Karl Artates, with parent volunteer Reneé Hanley

Not pictured: Laylah Zamora