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Stress-Free Midterms

For our project we will be focusing on the idea of a stress-free midterm period at Medford High School. No matter what classes you take, who your teachers are, or what grade you are in midterms are a stressful time for everyone at Medford High School. There is immense pressure to do as best on your test as possible which can create unnecessary stress and worrying. We want students at Medford High to be able to get some sort of stress relief during this time period. Our group made slime and put it in all three cafeterias during the week of midterms. The purpose of this was for students who might be feeling the extra pressure of studying and cramming for midterms to be able to come by and relax for a short or long period of time. The slime is meant to be enjoyable and helpful in relieving some unneeded tension before testing. We think it is so important for everyone in Medford High to do great on their midterms. While we can’t help the students during the tests we wanted to give them a sense of relief before the test. Our goal was to ultimately help students feeling extra pressure during midterms clear their minds for an afternoon so they can do the best on their tests as possible.

Project Done By: Meaghan Sullivan, Dom Aliano, Alex Milas, Niko Milas