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Support For Our Troops

These 2nd-graders are big admirers of our men and women in uniform, and wanted to do something to show their appreciation for soldiers and veterans. They decided to do projects through Operation Gratitude, a nonprofit that CCSR has done projects for in the past, that sends care packages to soldiers and veterans. Being the Fall Session, it was the perfect time to make holiday cards to send to soldiers overseas who couldn’t be home for the holidays! They spent some time generating ideas and then creating their cards, which we sent to Operation Gratitude for inclusion in their signature care packages. It was also the perfect time of year to collect leftover Halloween candy for the care packages as well. The students made posters asking their classmates to donate any leftover Halloween candy and hung them up around the school. Many of the group members also brought in some of their own leftover candy, and we shipped all of it off to Operation Gratitude. The group was very happy that they got to do something nice for their role models in the armed forces. They even received a thoughtful thank-you letter from Operation Gratitude for their generous donations! (In the photo on the right.)

Students: Andrew McLendon, Suhan Shrestha, Preston Nguyen, Beon Hoxha, Cayden Hanley