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Thanksgiving Baskets

This year, the Le Club Glou-Glou (the sound a turkey makes in French) continued a project the French 2 Honors class started in 2017. During the holidays, many families find themselves with limited resources to provide for their household, specifically with holiday-themed meals. “At Thanksgiving, when we gather with our families to give thanks and be grateful for what we have, many of our fellow students may not have this opportunity. We hope to help our own Medford High School families take part in a proper and festive Thanksgiving meal.” This student-run project, provided multiple families with a basket full of everything needed for a Thanksgiving meal, in hopes that it would bring their families together and give them the opportunity to take part in the national American holiday.

Project done by Marie Nyland, Ana Claudia Alves, Isabel Anglese, Liam Bernardi, Sophia Chalabi, Beatriz Dantas, Juliette Franks, Kamila Martins, Jenna Matarazzo, Momeena Zayma, Judemine Lafalaise