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The Artsy Paper Project

What we wanted to do with this project is actually recycle paper for students to use. In school, so much paper is used rather excessively for assignments and tests and quizzes and then it is just recycled at the end of the quarter or year without a second thought. Only one third of recycled items are actually recycled. What if all of Medford High’s recycled paper was recycled for students to use immediately? There is a simple way to make paper that uses only a few simple materials. We want to bring students together make new paper; instead of “recycling” paper in bins and hoping it is recycled, why don’t we make it ourselves? We also did most of the paper making outside, in the courtyard or inner courtyard for example. It spread more awareness to students of how they are making an impact. And the outdoors always leaves us with a smile! In addition, this was just a crafty activity for students to do for fun; they can be as creative as they want, chat with their friends, have free paper to take notes on, with the awesome addition of reusing/repurposing!

Project Done By: Medha Mankekar, Alecia Knight