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The Basketball Game for Betterment

Our CCSR project for this year is the Basketball Game for Betterment. One thing that all three of us have in common is a want for inclusion in Medford High School. Inclusion is when you invite someone into a group or gathering who does not usually have the opportunity to. We’re focusing on the Special Education program, and the students of the Access Program. We want to make new friends, and learn more about the people in our high school who we don’t normally speak to often. After getting to know some students from these programs, we learned that they enjoy sports and doing activities with others, with one specific sport being basketball. That is why we have created the Basketball Game for Betterment; to raise awareness for inclusion, to have fun while doing it, and maybe even make a few friends along the way!

Project Done By: Zachery Rothermel, Andrew Ferrari, Colin Bailey