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The Mustang Way Assembly

We participated in the Mustang Way Assembly at both the Andrews and McGlynn Middle Schools. We wrote speeches about what the Mustang Way means to us and how we apply it in our everyday lives. We spoke on what it means on and off the field, in school and in extracurriculars. The Mustang Way exemplifies kindness, leadership, and ACE(attitude, concentration, excellence). Each student embodies this practice when helping a peer with homework or picking up a friend’s books when they drop them. This practice allows for a connected and sincere community where everyone feels welcome. The Mustang Way was presented to the 6th graders to demonstrate the principle set of values of both schools. 

Project Done By: Ebyan Abshir, Kieran Adams, Aidan Barry, Joao Victor Azevedo, Dorotea Belotte, Madison Roseselle, Magdelena Gomez, Cadee Stefani