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Toiletry Bags for the Bread of Life

CCSR and The Sewing Club collaborated on this project to donate to the Bread of Life in Malden. The Sewing Club stayed late after school two times to sew 71 toiletry bags. The CCSR worked with the community to collect toiletry donations. Right before Christmas break students from CCSR and Sewing Club stayed late after school to organize the toiletry items and pack the handmade toiletry bags. After packing and donating the bags, they were able to donate extra toiletry items. A special thank you to: Julia Parker, AMS Sewing Club advisor Mea Mustone, School Committee member Vivian Su and the AMS PTO. The First Community United Methodist Church in Medford. The countless teachers, students, administration, and parents

CCSR and Sewing Club student members.

Project Done By: Juniper Hussey, Talia Ingano, Ilyzah Abreus Fernandez, Jamie Anzalone, Alaina Bruno, Ariana Bruno, Amelia Clark, Nate Burns, Kaylee Mangold, Maya Adem, Maria Clara Araujo, Delilah Putnam Bagley, Nev Mustone, and Deili Reyes Calderon