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Tour de Roberts Bike Safety Event

A group of third grade CCSR members at the Roberts wanted to raise awareness about bike safety in Medford. They also wanted to raise money to help with the relief efforts in rebuilding the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian this past September. They combined these ideas to create the “Tour de Roberts.” The boys created a flyer and several posters to spread the word throughout the community about this event. They made a special announcement on the loudspeaker to invite the school to come and participate in the tour. The Medford Police Department stopped by to discuss bike safety. JRA Cycles bike shop (Salem St.) supported the event by providing a technician to check bikes and helmets and also provided an awesome raffle prize. This event was held on Veteran’s Day at the Roberts School. The students created an obstacle course as well as sold raffles at the event. It was a great success! Not only did everyone have fun practicing bike safety, but the students raised $132 for the Bahamas.

Project Done By: Ariq Morshed, Leo Intappa, John DeMeo, Matthew Demeo, Joe Hogan